Rocka Rollas “The War of Steel Has Begun” (Heavy Metal) 2011 [Music/Review]


Year: 2011
Genre: Heavy Metal (N.W.O.S.H.M)
Label: CD: Stormspell Records / Vinyl: Underground Power Records
Album Versions: Discogs

Heavy Metal Kings – Ride In The Night
Metal Metal Metal – Heavy Metal Knight
Heavy Metal Kings – Fighting For Steel
Metal Metal Metal – Running Wild, Running Free

”Heavy Metal Kings”

Part of the N.W.O.S.H.M movement that rised up from the underground in Sweden in the late 2000’s with band such as Enforcer, Portrait, Air Raid, Trail, Screamer and many more. Ced (Cederick Forsberg) has like a million bands where I think he have had the biggest success with Blazon Stone, a true Running Wild worship band. This is the debut from 2011, and this is more of a Manowar worshiping band. If a song title like “Metal The Posers To Death” doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what will. It’s simply awesome from start to end and I just want more when the albums last track ends. The playing time of about 35 minutes is another great condemning aspect of it. So no filler tracks here as we so often see on those 70 minute albums. I would say that stand out tracks are “Dark Future”, “Metal The Posers To Death” and “Heavy Metal King”.

Tracklist (Vinyl Version)

A1 Dark Future
A2 Metal The Posers To Death
A3 Barbaric Attack
A4 Fight For The Loud
A5 More Metal Than The Steel
A6 Metal Of Steel

B1 The Road Warrior
B2 Warriors Of Steel And Metal
B3 Heavy Metal Kings
B4 Riding Wild
B5 Hammer Fist

My favorite track from the album

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