Fact-Checking Websites [Social Issues/Social Media]

In real life when you get caught in telling a lie, most people feel ashamed. The same should go on the internet. If you spread a lie without even trying to fact check it. You’re simply a liar. To check out various facts is usually very easy and takes a minute of your day.

As the claim here above (check more about that story here) went viral and probably many more will come about the covid-19 vaccine, it gets more and more important to fact-check things before spreading them.

In this day and age when things go viral on social media fast, spread by people either intentionally wrong to miscredit someone (often a politician) or by plain ignorance. It then immediately is spread by thousands and soon becomes a “fact.” Not that many of us actually spend time fact checking things before pressing that “retweet” or “share” button. But to me, this is part of the problem that makes a bigger and bigger divide in society and it would be fantastic if we could get a live “fact check” filter to all social media platforms that either comes up with a warning against false claims or simply makes it impossible to share. Now, I know this would probably be a hard thing to incorporate but one can dream.

It doesn’t get better when the biggest world leader in the western world, Donald Trump over and over again get caught with proven lies and false claims (check it here!), and to some extent then make it acceptable to just claim random things without any proof of truth to it.

Most of the sites focus on politics, but if you’re not that interested in those topics, then you can check out sites like Snopes who focuses on popular culture.

My Go-To Sites

Here down below I give you some examples of fact-checking sites that I always use.

Africa Check
Africa’s first independent fact-checking organisation with offices in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal and the UK checking claims made by public figures and the media in Africa.

FactCheck.org and FactCheckEd.org: self-described “advocates for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics,” and serving as an educational resource for high school teachers and students, respectively (the latter founded 2005).

Full Fact An independent fact-checking organisation based in the UK which aims to “promote accuracy in public debate”, launched in 2009.

Politifact American website focusing on politics. PolitiFact is owned by the nonprofit Poynter Institute for Media Studies. PolitiFact had been owned by the Tampa Bay Times, but in 2018 direct ownership of PolitiFact was transferred from the Times to Poynter, which is the newspaper’s parent company. The move allows PolitiFact to function fully as a not-for-profit national news organization.

Snopes focuses on, but is not limited to, validating and debunking urban legends and other stories in American popular culture.

List of fact-checking websites

Check out Wikipedia for more regional fact-checking sites