Wizzard (Sweden) … The 13 Year Old That Made it to National TV (Heavy Metal) [Music/Discography/Review]

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Melodic Heavy Metal band from Hoting, a small town in Jämtland in the northern parts of Sweden. Vocalist Matti Norlin was only 13 years old on this recording. The band only released one 7″ before changing their name to Charity and went to a more melodic hard rock style.

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(1986) Ninya Warrior [7″]


The title track is one of my favorite tracks from the F.W.O.S.H.M era during the early-mid 1980’s. Vocalist Matti Norlin was only 13 years old on this recording and his voice is pretty great for his age. I love those galloping guitars, it’s some kind of mix of German Speed Metal and that melodic Swedish style. The b-side Suzy is some kind of cliché semi-ballad that was popular 1986, and not that good, although I like the simple, yet nice guitar solo.

Today this self released 7″ is pretty rare and you can expect to pay about €100 for it.

Favourite track: Ninya Warrior

  1. Ninya Warrior
  2. Suzy

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… And The Bands History Continues here

In 1986 they made an appearance on Swedish National TV with a track called “Stormchild” and it’s really funny to watch the exremely 1980’s TV show and the look of the youngsters.

In the research of the band I came across this short article about the singer in a local newspaper that I have translated:

Versatile musician with roots in Hoting It is not often that he performs in his hometown nowadays, the songwriter and musician Matti Norlin, born in Hoting. But during the festival Music in Tåsjödalen he came home again. Already as a 12-year-old, Matti Norlin was with the youth band Wizzard. After living in Strömsund and high school, he moved to Stockholm in 1995. The guitar is still with him, but nowdays also other instruments. Soon there will be a new record with the folk music group Skrömta, where he is one of the members. As a young man it was all about Heavy Metal, and then it became a lot of blues and now folk music. – I am open to all kinds of music. You do not have to put an instrument or style of music on the shelf just because you start with another. It is possible to combine, says Matti. It is not only the group Skrömtas record that is relevant. – There will be four records that I participate in, says Matti. Matti Norlin and a group he plays with in Stockholm will also go on tour to USA soon.

Translated from Allehanda

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