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Here we have two legendary concerts, released within a year of each other at the height of the bands popularity. Don’t really know why there is no material from the underrated “At War With Satan” album (8/10) from 1984.

I would love to find out more background information about how they where recorded and why to pretty similar releases within one year. When at this time not even big metalbands like Iron Maiden, Kiss, Judas Priest and so on released nearly as much.

“The 7th Date Of Hell/ Live At Hammersmith Odeon” (1984)


Same as Official bootleg from 1986

It was released on Beta and VHS at the time (You find them here). It also came as a bonus DVD to the 2009 reissue of “Black Metal”. (You find that one here)


  1. Intro
  2. Leave Me In Hell
  3. Countess Bathory
  4. Die Hard
  5. 7 Gates Of Hell
  6. Cronos Bass Solo
  7. Buried Alive
  8. Don’t Burn The Witch
  9. In Nomine Satanas
  10. Welcome To Hell
  11. Warhead
  12. Stand Up ( & Be Counted )
  13. Mantas Guitar Solo 84
  14. Bloodlust

“Alive In 85/Hell At Hammersmith” (1985)


Here you find the VHS versions and some frankly kind of boring/ugly DVD versions.

This legendary concert was recorded live at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, 1985. Released back then on VHS and later on some not so great DVD versions, with not so great, I’m refering to the packaging and extramaterial. They are as simple and barebones as human possible. The concert itself is a classic and awesome first generation black metal. That’s what gives this 9/10.


  1. Too Loud (For the Crowd)
  2. Black Metal
  3. Nightmare
  4. Countess Bathory
  5. The Seven Gates of Hell
  6. Bass Solo (Cronos)
  7. Buried Alive
  8. Don’t Burn the Witch
  9. In Nomine Satanas
  10. Welcome to Hell
  11. Warhead
  12. Guitar Solo (Mantas)
  13. Schizo
  14. Satanachist
  15. Bloodlust
  16. Witching Hour