If You Want to Know How Christian Your Movie Pick is … [Movies]

… then you have the Christian movie guide, and it gives you hours of fun reading reviews from these weirdos. If you want to be sure you aren’t exposed to some upper male nudity, unmarried kissing, implied promiscuity and so on, then this is the place to visit 😂😂😂. Like the ”Parental Advisory” labels on record sleeves, just made it sell even more, this works the same way for movies.

Down below you can find the entire ”warning” for the awesome comedy movie Trainwreck with Amy Schumer and some other gold nuggets.


Strong, somewhat mixed pagan worldview focusing mostly on hedonistic desires, mitigated by some moral, redemptive elements where female protagonist takes care of her father and eventually changes after realizing how empty her hedonistic lifestyle was, plus several references or jokes made about homosexuals or homosexual behavior; at least 60 profanities and obscenities, several references to male and female genitalia, one reference to feminine hygiene products, several scenes with dirty sexual language, one scene where a woman is shown vomiting; a man gets a deep gash to his forehead after falling, doctor stitches up a deep cut, a scene shows knee surgery with graphic depiction of open knee, a woman slaps a man in the face; very strong sexual content overall includes two scenes of depicted fornication, several scenes implying sex between unmarried couple, implied oral sex in one scene, talk about oral sex, it’s suggested that one musclebound character exuding masculinity is a latent homosexual, other homosexual references, promiscuous behavior, it’s implied a young intern with an older woman is into sadomasochism but it turns out he’s only 16 and nothing further happens, other crude sexual references; rear male nudity, on scene where a naked man covers his private parts with a washcloth; implied alcoholism, multiple scenes depicting drinking at home or at parties, one scene with a woman throwing out a lot of alcohol around her home; a couple of scenes showing cigarette smoking, implied drug use, one scene showing marijuana use; and, strong miscellaneous immorality includes an alcoholic father doesn’t properly take care of his family, a couple is divorced, woman makes fun of her sister’s moral lifestyle, several racist jokes are made, and magazine editor wants tabloid-style stories that promote immorality or indecency.

… and here are some other examples in ”best of” versions.

FOREST GUMP (1994):  Several instances of implied fornication.

FRIDAY (1995): Implied promiscuity; blatant smoking of drugs & depiction of drug deals carried out in front of young children

FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009): Very strong, excessive, demonic, pagan worldview with no redemptive content whatsoever. Unmarried kissing, implied fornication, masturbation, pornography, backwoods character is implied to have fornicated with a mannequin.

HELLBOY II: The villain lightly strokes his sister’s cheek in a too-familiar way and an apparently unmarried couple living together are going to have a baby; upper male nudity; alcohol use and drunkenness in a couple scenes.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD (2019): The heroes in the movie have a pagan lifestyle.

SPY WHO DUMPED ME, THE (2018): A couple images of a man’s private parts intended for laughs when a villain holding a gun comes naked out of a shower and brief female cleavage. 71 obscenities (half or more “f” words).

So pay them a visit if you wanna find some good movies for tonight!