TV Shows I Never Finished … [Movie/TV/Reviews]

Updated 2021-05-01

So on this page I collect TV Shows I didn’t finish … because you know, life’s too short! I have so many movies and TV shows I want to see so I don’t have time looking through an entire TV show that starts out bad, so my personal guidelines is to watch at least 3 episodes.

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Chernobyl (2019)

Ok, Now most people probably want to kill me since it seems like the entire world love this show (9,4 on iMdb). Don’t get me wrong, it’s good acting and atmosphere of the show. But few things pisses me off as much as when they take a historical event, and then just add shit they like to it. WTF is that? I heard it’s the same with “The Crown”. If they would have called it Omsk or anything else and then made up the entire story I could have gone for it, but now no, I’m out!. I watched 4 episodes.

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Homeland (2011-2020)

I watched the first season and thought it was kind of okey, and then the first two episodes from the second one and stopped. Didn’t really get into it, I think the main reason is that I have so much against the western worlds involvement in the middle east in real life, so I just feel how angry I get when watching this.

La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) (2017-)

I really, really liked the first two seasons, but then I started season three and just a couple of episodes into it I felt like it kind of became a parody of itself, it was way to over-the-top, so I quit. Might take it up again if someone convince me of why I should.

Man in the High Castle (2015-2019)

This one I actually watched for the first two seasons and kind of enjoyed the concept, but during season three it felt mainly repetitive and didn’t get anywhere so I lost interest halfway through.

Peaky Blinders (2013-)

This should fit me as hand in glove since I love movies about organized crime, but I came 4 episodes in and it wasn’t for me. But I think I will get it a second chance when there’s not much else to watch.

P-Valley (2020-)

I gave this 30 minutes. Generic acting and cliché characters, it all has a daytime soap opera aura. Not for me!

Terror, The (2018-)

I came about 4 episodes in but the incredibly bad CGI took me right out of it. Have you seen that f**kin polar bear? Looks like CGI from 1989. No thanks!

To The Lake [aka Epidemiya] (2019)

I had high hopes for this Russian virus/epidemic show but no, 5 episodes in and I quit. To be honest, after eåisode two I found it to be extremely boring, and not a single person was likeable.

Umbrella Academy, The (2019-)

Watched the first season and I liked the synopsis and most of the character but although I can really enjoy slow burns, this was too much talking and nothing ever happens, so I never continued with season two.

Westworld (2016-)

Holy crap this show was a talker-about during it’s first season, like it was the show to save all shows, and yeah I give it credit for its originallity. I watched it and thought it was ok (6/10), but not enough to continue season two.

Widow, The (2019)

I Just watched two episodes and didn’t get into it. Nothing in particulary bad but it just didn’t peak my interest.


… and then we have some of these talked about shows that I haven’t even started to watch, I might if someone convince me of why I should.

Crown, The: I love history, but I want to see history about common peoples lives, not King and Queens. That have never interested me.

Mandelorian, The: Don’t like Star Wars at all, so I can’t find a reason to watch this.

Witcher, The: I don’t like fantasy like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones I thought was just okey, so I’m avoiding this one.