Revenge of the Living Dead Girls (Horror) 1987 [Movie/Review]


Year: 1987
Genre: Horror
Director: Pierre B. Reinhard
Original Title: La revanche des mortes vivantes
Source: Blu-ray (Severin)


In France, the CEO of a chemical company looks to cheaply dispose of their plant’s chemical waste. He and his secretary come up with the idea to dump it illegally. When the secretary contaminates a milk tanker, it causes several deaths in the town. The toxic waste, illegally dumped in a nearby graveyard, then causes the recently dead townspeople to rise as ravenous zombies, who seek revenge on the unscrupulous company and its employees.


Adults in France seems to have a glas of milk way more often than the rest of world (I thought they drank wine), and that’s why they become zombies. Off we go with some kind of Zombie invasion … or invasion it’s more or less only 3 people that turns into zombies. But they are pretty skilled zombies, as they know how to swim, drive a car, ring the doorbell and waiting to be let in. The strange thing about these zombies is that they have only become zombies in the face, the rest of the body is just dirty.

This is fun European sleaze from France with some of the worst zombies ever made, released back in 1987 and have more or less been cut everywhere it’s been released. This was a first time watch for me, and all I could think about in the first half was that of course USA cut it, people are nude and that’s more than a uber christian country can take. The nudity is just that, nudity, and some simulated softcore scenes. But towards the second half when we get some dick biting and sword in vagina scenes that I get was way too much in 1987, and would be too much today for most people to stomach.

Someone who doesn’t appreciate European sleaze, incoherent plots and people who try to make a movie but fail completely would probably give this movie a 2/10 or something, but since I love these things, I rate this higher. I would go even higher if it had more craziness and less pointless dialogue through out the movie.


The 2006 DVD release from Retromedia claimed to be uncut, but was actually a censored print which only ran 74 minutes. The 2019 Blu-ray release from Severin runs 82 minutes, making it the first time the full uncut version has been released in the U.S.

The 1995 UK Redemption video (released as “Revenge Of The Living Dead Girls”) was cut by almost 3 minutes by the BBFC with heavy edits to scenes of gore and sexual violence including a woman’s eye being gouged with a high heeled shoe, a man’s penis being bitten off by a female zombie and the stabbing of a woman’s vagina with a sword.


I watched the uncut Blu-ray version from Severin films with simply amazing picture and sound if you take in the fact that it’s from 1987 and was a low budget movie to begin with.

  • Extras:
    “Revisiting the Revenge” interview with special effects artist Benoît Lestang and writer Jean-Claude Roy (13:29) 
    “The Revenge of Pierre B. Reinhard” director interview (21:54) 
    “Inside Studio Lestang” interview with special effects artist Benoît Lestang (15:25) 
    Theatrical Trailer (2:44)
  • Subtitles: English (for French) and English HoH (for English)*
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1
  • Picture Format: 1080p 24fps AVC MPEG-4
  • Soundtrack(s): French DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Mono 
    English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
  • Case type: Keep Case
  • Notes: The opening credits are in English but the closing epigraph is in French. 
    Previously available in a 2,000 copy “Black Friday” limited edition with soundtrack CD

If you don’t want to see the entire movie, but are a sucker for
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