Joe Biden is a Clone Robot 😂😂😂 [Conspiracy/Crazyiness]

Ok, this post probably should just be in the Humor section, but I chosed to also put it in Mysteries, since it’s a conspiracy theory… although very far out on the cuckoo cuckoo scale. It wasn’t made up to be funny, but ofcourse it is. 😂

When people just claim to be in contact with such and such or that they been working for a top secret CIA program without being able to show any evidence of it whatsover, then it goes in the crae-craze category in my book. I’m not a person who believes every conspiracy theory is made up, I’ve said it before that both JFK, the murder of Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme and 911 are more likely to be a conspiracy behind than the official versions if you dig deep into them and follow the evidence and money.

The Claim

I found this guy, Ivan Teller through crazy lady Kerry Cassidy and her Project Camelot (more about her in a later post when I get the time) Twitter feed. She linked to a website called, Our New Earth News. Now making a website from scratch can be a tricky business, but this looks like it was made by a crazy person. Long sentences with a lot of exclamation marks and things in that vein. Mr. Teller feels like a prime example of a charlatan.

According to this, we get to know that Joe Biden is a clone (and there are more of him) made in the 1970’s in a top secret mountain in Dulce, New Mexico, US. Others have claimed that there was a war between humans and aliens (!?!?!) in Dulce in the late 70’s. So this is to me a whole new level of crazy tin foile hat wearing madness. Read it for yourself and make up your opinion.

The Article

Men In Black Comment On Joe Biden Clone!! Spiritual Channeler Gets Sudden Download On America’s Latest President-Elect Clone… “The Thing” From Dulce Base New Mexico!! It Is Like A Science Fiction Nightmare! Dulce Is Evil As Hell, As If God Has Left The Building!

Notes from Ivan Teller video… it’s a really good take on things that checks out with previous clone research from Hatonn:

Joe Biden clones activated in 1970’s

Alien technology, they do the switcheroo at night!

And oh my!  Dulce Base may be older than the United States!

“They” feed the clone information all day.

There’s a room in Dulce full of a bunch of Biden clones.

They came out of a vertical incubators.

They are grown into adults but their flesh is like a baby.

They do train them for a few years… all underground.

Someone in a white robe trains the clone… “this is your wife”… similar to a baby.

They don’t always ‘obey’.

They get programmed in the incubators but have to be programmed to be charismatic.

Politicians are mostly the ones in the facilities.

They can ‘do whatever they want’, but have to stick to the general program.

Clones born without hair.

Hillary clones were breaking down, they were making them too fast.

When they are older it’s harder to keep control of them.

When they break down they switch it with another.

It’s like a science fiction nightmare.

Ivan Teller

Ivan Teller, a selfclaimed channeler of aliens and angels since March 2015. He claims his psychic awakening was around 2011 and was then connecting to his guides and learned about the metaphysical arts. The first he claimed to channel was his spirit guide Ulysses. After that followed by a Zeta Grey by the name J-Rod. Soon after this channeling discovery, Ivan started publishing his channelings videos online. The first beings he caimed he was connected to was Yeshua, a tall blonde nordic, Arcturian, Annunaki and several Archangels. Ivan began doing webinars on Youtube. The main idea for the channelings is to assist with the ascension process by sharing messages from our galactic friends, so we can reach our spiritual roots he says on his website (Read it here)

Again, to me this is all bat shit crazy stuff, with zero evidence and one guys words. But funny as hell to read, I mean a skilled fiction writer couldn’t come up with this stuff.

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