Fascinating Maps of Facts

I love maps! When I was a kid I could spend hours infront of various maps, dreaming of where I would travel as an adult. Here we have maps of a different kind, and they are just as interesting.
Countries Not Using the Metric System

How many countries do not use the metric system other than the United States?

Burma and Liberia are the only other countries on earth that do not use this system of measurement. (Myanmar, shown on this map, didn’t used to officially utilize the metric system, but has started to adopt it.)

Perhaps it’s time for the U.S. and Liberia to join the rest of the world?

Countries Britain Has Invaded

Britain has a long history of being one of the strongest nations on the planet — as can be seen through this map showing that nearly 90 percent of the world has been invaded by Britain at some point.

In fact, the “Telegraph” discovered only 22 countries that haven’t been touched by Britain

Alcohol Consumption Around the World

You’re probably not shocked to learn that Ireland, Russia, France and Germany are some of the countries that consume the most alcohol.

But you may be surprised to learn that tiny Belarus consumes the most alcohol of all, with an average of 17.5 liters of pure alcohol consumed per capita every year

Coffee Consumption Around the World

Can’t live without your cuppa Joe in the morning? Looks like you’re not the only one!

In some countries, such as those in (colder) Scandinavia, each person is drinking up to 26 pounds of coffee per year.

Least and Most Peaceful Countries in the World

You may want to stay away from the most conflict-ridden countries in the world, and take a look at safe alternatives instead.

Cold War Map, 1962

In 1962, in the throes of the Cold War, Warsaw Pact countries (including the Soviet Union, Hungary, Poland and East Germany) were battling NATO countries (including the U.S., Canada, France and West Germany).

World’s Freedom of the Press

Fake news or not, this map reflects where the press has freedom to report the news — and where they can be jailed if they try.

World Maternity Leave Policies

Really, America? The USA is one of only eight countries without any mandatory paid leave for new moms.

Capital Punishment Across the World

Fifty-five countries in the world, highlighted in red, continue to practice capital punishment, including the United States. The rest are completely absolutionist, absolutionist-in-practice (they haven’t executed anyone in over 14 years) or abolitionist-in-law for all crimes except those committed under exceptional circumstances (like those committed in wartime).

European Map of Last Executions (and the Methods)

Belarus is the only European country where the death penalty is still used.

Map of Colonization, 1885

As is well-documented in history books and vividly shown here, the UK has been a major force of colonization.

Map of Speed Limits

Germany is the only country without speed limits, perfect for those with lead feet!

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