There’s a Reason Europe See USA as the Western Worlds Retarded Cousin.

Ok, I should clarify that we are talking about the far-right USA, the citizens that with a 99% certainty live in bumfuck USA, somewhere in the middle or southern parts of the country. We are not talking about the bigger cities like New York, Los Angeles or Washington, where we have a high degree of people who went to college and can think for themselves and have various degrees of compassion for their fellow man.

Anyway, the vote counting is still going on and a sitting president that like any good old brown shirt wearing fascist in a speech early in the voting process calls himself the winner and that the voting should stop. Apart from the fact that the moron doesn’t know the difference between when the voting stops (it already had) and the counting of the votes stops (according to set laws), this is all really third-world country behaviour.

This is one of many reasons Europe sees the USA as the Western worlds retarded cousin, you know that guy at the family dinner that after a few beers stand up furious and slurring out “truths”, halfspitting the other around the table in their faces. He has never had an original thought himself, but blindly follows a leader, that in turn have zero knowledge about the topic or are simply lying. He calls himself a Christian, but of course, believes in his own Republican Jesus that has no basis in the actual historical Jesus. No, the total opposite, he gets furious when it comes up that all citizens should have free health care and higher minimum wage (we can’t afford that). But he doesn’t bat an eye, when the republican puppet in charge talks about lowering the taxes for the already rich (we have the money). He himself has a low income and have to work two jobs to get by, but still votes republican because he believes in the old doctrine from his puppet masters that “it’s unpatriotic to not work hard”, even if he doesn’t get the paycheck he deserves and the rich keeps filling their pockets with the money made off his work. If you as a European question him, then he brings up the military and that they can crush your country in a heartbeat, you know just like that bully in first grade that was dumb as a rock and couldn’t form a coherent sentence but instead brought out his fists.

Now, I don’t think the higher ups in the republican party and the ones donating to their campaign are stupid, just egocentric money hungry assholes that have nothing against duping and exploiting the uneducated masses for their own gain.


Another example that makes a Europeans eye and ears bleed in disbelief, is that the orange orangutan in charge have chosen to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement that 195 nations had agreed upon, and continue with coal, the dirtiest fuel of them all. Even though coal can’t compete on price with gas – or, for that matter, with renewables whose costs have plummeted. The gas and oil industries are indeed thriving for the moment … but at what cost?

Read more statistics on climate change here!


Something else that the US don’t have is an impartial media without an agenda. Every news channel has an agenda and of course if you lean towards the right, you listen to Fox News and if you’re left then probably to CNN. They will confirm your world view and not question anything. To a European this is not news at all that these channels are dealing with, this is just propaganda. The apricot coloured hooligan in the white house even started to call all does who did not confirm his agenda such as CNN, fake news.


Trump is a racist, no matter how he tries to put make-up on it and dress it up. Even if he claims that he’s not, he definitely runs their errends. He refuses to take a stand against the right-wing extremists, he simply can’t afford it since they are a big part of his voters. Just lately he has made a shoutout to the Proud Boys militia and once again shown a readiness to court right wing extremists as he battles for reelection. And just a month ago, he lashed out at the leftist Antifa movement and other participants in sometimes violent protests against police abuse and racism over the past several months. So, according to how he acts, right-wing violence = ok, left-wing violence = domestic terrorism.


Instinctively, I just want to bring out the popcorn and soda and watch the shit show and laugh, but too much are at stake, so it kind of gets stuck in my throat. This idiot will probably start the third world war with his f**king Tweets.

But don’t get me wrong, I love the US when it comes to popular culture, its movies and music, but despise it when it comes to the extreme egocentric “me, myself and I” thinking that fills large parts of the country.