Shark Night (Action/Horror) 2011 [Movie/Review]


Year: 2011
Genre: Action/Horror
Director: David R. Ellis
Original Title: –
Source: DVD (Entertainment In Video)


A dream getaway becomes a blood-soaked nightmare for seven scantily clad college students in this terrifying action-thriller from the director of The Final Destination and Snakes on a Plane!

When Sara and her friends arrive at her family’s Louisiana lake house, they quickly strip down to their swimsuits for a weekend of sexy fun in the sun. But they soon discover the lake is infested with hundreds of flesh-eating sharks — and a few equally dangerous human predators — that turn their killer vacation into a bone-crunching battle to stay alive!


Around 2010 there must have been a million ”killer fish” movies released. Most famous one is probably ”Sharknado” and ”Piranha 3D”. I confess, I only watched this since the lovely Katharine McPhee (most known from the TV show Scorpion) was in it.

The director David R. Ellis have also made ”Snakes on a Plane” and two of the movies in the Final Destination franchise, so you kind of know what your gonna get … and it’s not highbrow art.

So seven university students travels to a summerhouse for some vacation. When they arrive in the small village we ofcourse get the generic wierd, dirty service store clerk, and I feel I’m already losing interest. But okey, lets continue, maybe we get some good effects and some nudity. But no, not even that. More or less just red colored water and apperent CGI sharks. So some nudity then? Not that either, just a quick side boob. A pretty good jump attack by a shark though.

But all in all, extra point for some originality, crazy plot twists and making it more a Action/Horror thing than a total Jaws rip off. I watched the regular version, maybe it’s a couple of steps better in 3D.


Although the movie was always going to be titled “Shark Night 3D” overseas, director David R. Ellis fought for a name change for the North American release, at one point wanting to release the film under the title “Untitled Shark Thriller 3D”. This is the first shark movie released in 3D since Jaws 3-D (1983) 28 years prior.

The animatronics sharks were built by Edge Innovations who previously built sharks for movies such as Deep Blue Sea (1999) Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) and even the Orca in Free Willy (1993) according to Walt Conti the head of Edge Innovations, two models for each shark were built, one “Swimmer” and one “Attacker” “Each of which required very different internal mechanisms, sharks are these total contrast of stealthy, cruising, lurking and those intense bursts of power, we split those two behaviors into two different types of models and optimized each to do one of those things best” Conti said during an interview.

It was filmed in Sheveport, Louisiana, US.


I watched this on a very basic UK DVD from Entertainment In Video

  • Extras:”Shark Night’s Survival Guide” – featurette (4:07) 
    “Fake Sharks Real Scares” – featurette (5:23) 
    “Ellis Island” – featurette (4:22)
  • Subtitles:English HOH
  • Aspect Ratio:1.78:1
  • Picture Format:Anamorphic
  • TV System:PAL
  • Soundtrack(s):English Dolby Digital 5.1 
  • Case type:Keep Case
  • Notes:This is the ‘flat’ version.

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