LHOHQ … The Creepiest Place on Internet?

*Epilepsy warning-flashing images, lights and text*

I love mysteries of all kinds, and when it’s high technology and online involved, it gets even better… and creepier.LHOHQ is in the creepy category. I want even start to pretend what this is all about, but could recommend this reading HERE! Also check out the YouTube documentary and podcasts further down this page.

It has been discussed at length on different forums but we haven’t come that much closer to any answers. Is it the ramblings of a lunatic, or something more sinister like mind control, or just art.


This look into the website by YouTube channel Blame it on Jorge down below is a good start.

The podcast Stuff they don’t want you to know made a segment about LHOHQ recently. You can listen to it here down below through Spotify or Stitcher or in your favourite podcast player.