Megadisc Poland (Record Store) [Store Reviews]


Type of Store: Records
Country: Warsaw, Poland


Polish webstore with a focus on rock, hard rock and heavy metal. The website is in Polish, but in the top right corner you can make it English friendly by switching language.

I mainly turn to them when I want bootleg vinyls from 1980’s Heavy Metal bands, but they seem to have a lot of obscure 1970’s rock and prog.

Quick registered shipping from them with good shipping prices and always carefully packed and the records arrive in awesome condition. But it seems the Polish postal service is not the fastest in the world. So shipping here to Sweden (almost neighbour countries) takes about 10 days to receive the package from placing the order.

I have ordered two times and I will definitely return for more. Hopefully I can visit the store as well one day.


The Megadisc record store was founded on my initiative in April 1991 and I have been its owner from the very beginning.

In 1996-2000 I collaborated with the original Tylko Rock, where I wrote articles from the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ and Stary rock ‘series. In a similar period, I hosted Tomasz Beksiński on three radio programs, in which we presented fragments of old, forgotten albums.

In January 2006, the first volume of my publication entitled:  ‘British Rock in the years 1961-1979 – record guide (AF)’ was released. Long-awaited, the second part will be released in 2019. Then there will be a third …

Regardless of the prevailing fashions in Megadisc, we have always dealt with selling rare CDs (and collector’s vinyl – even before it became fashionable …) with a little known but almost entirely delicious rock classics from the 60’s and 70’s. We specialize in such genres (or sub-genres) as progressive rock, psychedelic rock, heavy rock, classic metal from the 80’s, as well as beat, rhythm’n’blues, glam and the charms of folk, blues and jazz!

In addition to more or less known titles from the United States, Great Britain or continental Europe, in the store we also offer specialized and really unique rock albums from South America (especially Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay), Japan, Australia, the Philippines and even from South Korea! After all, if in the 60’s and 70’s you could record good rock albums in Romania or in Poland, then they had to be created in all corners of the globe, right? 

From 1993 to August 2012, our headquarters was a small (but well-stocked) shop at the back of Nowy Świat, then for a year and a half, we lived at ul. Nowogrodzka, from January 2014 at ul. Długa 44/50, and from June 2018 the Megadisc store is located at Nowogrodzka 44 at ul. Poznańska. So please remember that apart from there is also a real place where you can come and delve into the disc rarities. Our offer is intended for a rather ‘niche’, collector’s group of customers, but on the other hand we will be happy to advise everyone and we will certainly help you choose a CD or vinyl as a gift 🙂

If you are interested in expanding your collection with ‘old’ rock, I invite you from Monday to Friday from 11.00-19.00. We have over 3,000,000 titles on the spot; so probably every customer who loves classic sounds will find something for themselves! All CDs in our store are new. We do not buy second-hand used or stolen CDs (as some so-called antiquariates do), just like we do not touch pirated publications (i.e. post-Russian counterfeit titles generally available on the market), although we do not mind the so-called bootlegs, i.e. rare studio or concert albums not available on the market (but not copies of official releases) issued by small, ephemeral labels with a circulation of 500 or 1000 copies.

In the store we also have a selected collection of vinyl records (LP) with over 4,000 titles – including both the first (or old) pressings of rarity titles and recent reissues of rock classics. All covers are protected with plastic films; while the discs themselves are professionally cleaned on a special machine (see: VINYL) – all so that the customer is satisfied and does not have to bother with unwanted (caused by dirt and dust) crackles or noises. Unfortunately, due to the limited space in the store, we are not able to accommodate our entire vinyl offer. So please ask for other titles!

We also have very interesting and genuinely useful books selected and imported from abroad, incl. about British and American rock, about progressive rock, about glam, etc. Please ask!

We would like to emphasize that we do not aspire to the name of a “music supermarket” – where popular and easily available goods may be the cheapest, but often out-of-date, coming from a poor (because the cheapest) manufacturer, or maybe they are used … All in all, it’s easy to hire a group of people who will use the “copy / paste” method to paste tens of thousands (downloaded from other stores, or from Ebay or Amazon …) unnecessary titles and decorate them with an occasional, sweet and meaningless card ( eg “it was really worth waiting for this album 20 years”) … Our prices are as low as possible, but certain things (costs of running a store, transport) cannot be skipped! Besides, we also have families to support 🙂 Please also consider that our repertoire policy is not about waiting for promotions or sales of goods from a company located two streets away (and then offering a very limited batch of titles – very cheap), but about having as many rare titles as possible – usually pressed in a circulation of 500 -1000 copies and often imported from the end of the world. Plates from South America, Australia or Korea cannot cost as much as common and dumped supermarket merchandise. but on having as many rare titles as possible – usually pressed with a circulation of 500-1000 copies and often imported from the end of the world. South American, Australian or Korean plates cannot cost as much as common and dumped supermarket merchandise. but on having as many rare titles as possible – usually pressed with a circulation of 500-1000 copies and often imported from the end of the world. South American, Australian or Korean plates cannot cost as much as common and dumped supermarket merchandise.

We offer nearly 15,000 selected titles (and the offer is constantly expanding) from several dozen leading (specializing in re-releases) companies from around the world. In addition to the usual EMI, Universal, Sony / BMG and Warner Bros, these include: Repertoire, Esoteric, Sundazed, Sunbeam, Sanctuary, Lion, RPM, Rev-Ola, Shadoks, Wooden Hill, Past & Present, Charly, Aztec , Hux, Flawed Gems, Shadoks, Grapefruit, BGO, Edsel, Collectables, Collector’s Choice, Flawed Gems, Magic, Perfect Circle, Enigmatic, Progressive Line, Long Hair, Red Fox, Pacemaker, Musea, GTR, Top Gear, On The Air , Verne, Absinthe, Far Out, Dead Man, Open Mind and many, many more.

The goods currently in the store are marked “AVAILABLE / AVAILABLE”. Unfortunately, for objective reasons, we are still not able to have the full offer in stock. We hope that someday this will change.

At the same time, I would like to point out that we cooperate with the three largest distribution company in Europe, offering well over a million titles! So please e-mail and call for titles that you will not find in our offer!

Happy shopping and enjoy listening!

Jacek Leśniewski