The Devil (Horror) 1981 [Movie/Review]


Year: 1981
Genre: Horror
Director: Jen-Chieh Chang
Original Title: Xie Mo
Source: Blu-Ray (Massacre Video)

The classic worm-puking Taiwanese gorefest, completely restored and UNCUT for the first time ever!

Hitting you like a brick to the face, this simple story of a conman with eyes on a family’s hotel business becomes a horrifying fever dream of ghosts and gore: the gruesome visage of a vengeful spirit seeks her unseen murderer a supernatural virus fills its victims with squirming, slithering things which burst and ooze from their mouths and flesh; while a witch offers equally grisly and unsettling cures.

Like a distant cousin of Fulci’s disturbing dream logic, Jen-Chieh Chang disturbs and disorients with a messy mélange of atrocities in this slimy specimen of Taiwanese Horror. Massacre Video proudly presents THE DEVIL for the first Dtime in HD, with a brand new 4K restoration from original elements!

Plot summery by Massacre Video

The film in itself is kind of entertaining, the effects on the skin are really good. The green vomit, are so, so! It’s more of maggots and green slime than gore and blood. Some scenes with crawling creatures out of stomachs. A nice little Taiwanese horror flick.

Now, here’s my dilemma. I hate to criticize these small companies that in my opinion does an amazing job making these obscure movies available. To me, it’s not just entertaining to see these old flicks, but important historical works so they don’t just fade away into obscurity and becomes an anecdote. But here’s my point, when it’s advertised as ”Brand New 4k Restoration from Original Elements”, you get certain expectations. When you then pop it into your Blu-ray player and it looks like a 5th generation VHS copy with something looking like the green northern lights across the screen throughout more or less the entire movie, then you kind of feel like you have been duped. I get that the source material can be shit, but maybe yiu should tell us about that?

Director Umberto Lenzi was offered a script titled Roma ha un segreto (Rome Has a Secret), a spy story set in the popular Roman district Trastevere. Lenzi felt that the script made no sense and trashed the script. He then asked the producer to make a film about the violence that was surrounding Rome at the time. Within a week, Lenzi improvised a script

When Terry Levene distributed this film in the late 1970s, he replaced a few of the establishing shots with those of American locations. For an establishing shot of the Rome youth center where Tanzi meets Stefano, Levine used a shot of the Manhattan nightclub “Fascination”. Strangely enough, in the later Umberto Lenzi film Da Corleone a Brooklyn (1979) (which also starred Maurizio Merli as an Italian policeman), Merli drives by the club “Fascination” after he arrives in New York.

I watched it on Blu-Ray as talked about here above.

-Brand New UNCUT 4k Restoration from Original Elements
-Uncompressed Mandarin PCM Audio with English Subtitles
-USA Video Release Versions from original 3/4th Master
-English Captions for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
-Stills Gallery
-Trailers for other Massacre Video Releases

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