You Want to Fight Racism … Then Don’t be An Idiot Yourself!

It’s 2020 and information about most things aren’t that hard to come by or fact check, and if you don’t, but just press that share button, then you’re part of the problem.

We want to fight against ignorant racists with any means necessary, the first and most important thing is to educate yourself and fact check everything you read before spreading it yourself.

Just this morning a Facebook page that he/she calls ”I Love Sharing and Teaching Black History Facts” posted a 5 year old meme claiming something for a fact. It was debunked several years ago, but still goes laps around the web. When a page that calls itself ”I Love Sharing and Teaching Black History Facts” posts crap like this it doesn’t do anything good for the BLM movement or anti-racist organisations anywhere, in fact it does the exact opposite … it hurts it pretty bad. How would you think anyone will take a movement seriously when crap like this is being waved around.

If he/she and people commenting in this thread would have spend just 1 minute on Google, they would have found out the truth. Are people really this stupid or lazy? It can’t be more eazy to find out truth about things in this day and age. Instead as I write this 218 morons have shared it, no questions asked!

For the millionth time …. question everything!

You find the Facebook group HERE! And you find the post HERE … but I hope they remove it soon!

Check out the debunking on either Snopes or Africa Check here down below.

… and here is just some examples of the feeble minded peoples replies: