Виктор Векштейн Группа Спрут (Heavy Metal) 1990 [Music/Review]


Year: 1990
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Мелодия
Album Versions: Discogs

Although I don’t understand one single word of what they are singing about, and I’m a lyrics guy, I tend to love Russian metal and punk, the sound of the language fits like a glove to the aggressiveness of the music.

Sprut (Спрут) only released this album, Виктор Векштейн Группа Спрут (Victor Vekshtein Presents Sprut) and one 7”, Время Строить Храм. It was only released on vinyl and never CD or tape that’s so common in former USSR.

I just love that they put the man behind the group on the front cover instead of the band in itself … talk about megalomania 🙂

Opening track Капитал opens in full speed and I just love it when Antonina Zhmakova raspy voice kicks in. I heard from several people that they have a problem with her voice, which I don’t get at all. This is just how I want a female singer in metal to sound like. Next up, Мастер Снов is also really, really good with a keyboard that pretty prominent . As track number three we get the ballad Время Строить Храм that I could do without and the same goes for the next tracks, Такова Жизнь, Покоритель, Ночной звонок and Змей искуситель. They are all some kind of semi-ballards/bubblegum hard rock. The closing track Привкус воли is a nice piece of hard rock and again Antoninas voice gets to use. So all in all, I wished it had continued as it started but unfortunatly not.

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Виктор Векштейн or as we here in the west would spell his name, Victor Vekshtein (July 20, 1939 – January 18, 1990) was a Soviet composer, musician (pianist and vibraphone player) and producer. Known for his work with Russias biggest heavy metal band, Aria (Ария). In the beginning of 1989, he created a new group, Sprut (Спрут) for singer Antonina Zhmakov.

The group started performing as a support act for the Aria, but in May 1989 the group successfully debuted at the rock festival arranged by the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets and received positive reviews from critics. After that, the group went on a tour in the Soviet Union and successfully in Japan, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and the Federal Republic of Germany. In November 1989, shortly after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, the group gave a concert in Kabul, where the musicians were awarded the “DRA Order of Glory” for courage.

At the very end of 1989, the Sprut group recorded their debut album, which consisted of Victor Vekshtein’s songs to the verses of the poet Alexander Markevich. It was release on the Melodia (Мелодия) label. The group had big plans, Victor Vekshtein worked on the rock opera “Faust”, and the group was going on tour in Latin America, but these plans were not destined to be realized: in January 1990, the band leader, composer Mr.Vekshtein died tragically, poisoned by exhaust gases in his garage …

Antonina Zhmakova (Vocals)
Sergey Cordier (Guitars)
Nikolay Balakirev (Drums)
Alexey Zlatousov (Bass)
Alexander Smirnov (Keyboard)

”Время Строить Храм”, the bands only 7” from 1990.

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