Black Sabbath ”Live In Asbury Park 1975” (Doom/Hard Rock) [Concert/Review] > LISTEN HERE <


Year: 1975
Genre: Doom Metal/Hard Rock
Source: Professional Recording for Radio

This is the perfect concert, the ultimate Black Sabbath show off. Forget all about ”Live at Last” and ”Live Evil”, this is it, a 100-minute perfect performance recorded in New Jersey for the famous American radio show King Biscuit Flower Hour at the beginning of the LP promotion tour for ‘Sabotage’.

The sounds is awesome, raw but still with that ”Wall of Sound” that only Butler and Iommi can create together. Ozzy’s voice sounds fantastic. Not a single half-assed track or filler, just the best all spiced up with among other things a 14-minute jam.

It has been released before, but usually in cut-down 1 LP versions, but now we have a limited, two-disc, black vinyl released from Verne Records. With a beautiful glossy cover.

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It’s recommended that you listen to it with “shuffle” so you don’t
have to listen to the same artist several tracks after each other.