Hunting Hitler … Did Hitler Escape? (Documentary) [Review]


Year: 2015-2018 (3 Seasons)
Genre: Documentary/TV Show
Director: Jeffrey R. Daniels, Clint Lealos, B.J. Golnick
Source: Stream (History Channel)

After declassified FBI files about Hitler have been released, a group of specialists work together to try and find the truth of Hitler’s supposed death. Did he really die in the bunker?

We were told that Hitler committed suicide in the Berlin bunker, but are there any evidence for that? According to the winning side, the russians found and took his skull. In countless biographies of Adolf Hitler the story of his final hours is recounted in that traditional version: Adolf commits suicide with Eva Braun, he took a cyanide pill and then shot himself on 30 April 1945, as the Russians bombarded Berlin. One of the problem with that is that the bones claiming to be Hitlers was in recent years discovered to be from an unknown woman.

We know the winners write history and we also know that governments lie to the public to fit their agenda. And in 2014, FBI declassified documents with over 700 reports of him escaping. That they were both looking into a possible escape to Spain and South America. Right after the war. There were also several eyewitness testimonies of airplanes flying out Hitlers private property from Berlin the days after his last public appearance.

A senior FBI investigator that gets contacted late in the shows investigation thinks the evidence for the theory the gets presented in this show is enough and if it would have been presented to him right after the war he would set up a task force at once.

With all this said, the official story might be the correct one, but there are simply too many evidences that makes you questioning the official story and makes you wonder. And to NOT questioning things and just trust authorities that have their own agenda is simply dangerous and not doing your job as a historian or scientist.

Bunker structure in the jungle.
Misiones, Argentina

One critic of the show, Dr. Steven Woodbridge is a Senior Lecturer in History at Kingston University that claims they only show evidence that fits their agenda (Read his article here). I would say that’s simply bullshit, they go down several rabbit holes and then look in another direction if it’s not good evidence. Steven also says it’s a fact that the Russian managed to save the bones from Hitler from the bunker, which by itself is also ”a claim”, not a fact. He also ignores in his article to mention that these ”evidence of Hitlers death” turned out to be bones from an unknown woman (Read about it here). Steven also beats his own chest claiming he would know since he worked with WWII through 3 decades. Well, the head investigator in this show, Bob Baer worked for the CIA as a case head officer for 21 years and among other things received the CIA’s Career Intelligence Medal in 1998. So Steven, no offence, but I’ll probably go with Mr.Baer in this case even though CIA isn’t any favourites of mine.

There is also a french team that claim they have evidence that Hitler died in the bunker after investigating his teeth (Read about it here)

The show in itself is really good, and they travel to all kinds of locations to investigate. Since it’s American produced we get the usual half whispering narrator and some shaky hand held camera to make it more exciting for the general public. But all in all really good.

This escape theory is certainly interesting and since I’m an open minded person, I don’t discard claims like this when there are enough evidence to back them up. But the official story might as well be correct one, we will probably never know with a 100% certainty.

Unfortunatly there are no plans for a season 4, it would have been nice to maybe follow a search after Hitlers grave or something like that.

Spoiler Warning

After 3 years of investigation since the release of 700 declassified documents the head investigator, former CIA case manager, Bob Baer thinks he has an escape route with evidence supporting it.

1. From the Berlin bunker there are several tunnels to escape through, Some that has just been found.

2. He then takes a airplane a short distance to the north of parts of Germany to Hohenlychen, a building that worked as a hospital during the war and there for was off limits for the allies to bomb. This is backed up with eyewitnesses and documents.

3. From Germany, he escaped to Norway, a country that was occupied by the Nazis and not a main goal for the allied to focus their invasion on. In the coast town of Narvik, the Germans had monted the biggest cannons at the time to protect the bay from anyone coming in or out. There they had a high concetration and their mainbase for their submarines. Another peculiar detail here is that several days after the war was won, the allied dropped several bombs here. Why is that? The theory is that they had intelligence reports of Hitler possibly escaping to this location.

4. Hitler then takes a Uboat to Argentina in South America, this is also backed up with documents about the Germans having Uboats that worked as refuel stations or mobile gasstations, which would make that trip possible.

5. When arriving in Argentina he makes the trip north deep into the jungle of Misiones, where a military compand that doesn’t look like anything else have been built.

6. When the nazi friendly General Juan Domingo Perón falls in 1955, there are several evidence of nazis all over Argentina fleeing to neighbouring countries. Paraguay has a open Nazi in charge and is just across the corner of Misiones. In Paraguay they found another military compound were they could live undisturbed and without curious eyes.

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