Exposing Racists: Jonny BeGood

Jonny Begood, a specimen of human feces I’m guessing is like the average Trump voter. Racist in the comfort of his own home and doesn’’t get the B.L.M movement at all, in fact they are threatened by it. This guy seriously puts pictures of Jesus & Trump on his page claiming ”Together they will bring peace”. Now, we sure as hell aren’t dealing with the smartest guy in the world, pretty far from it so either he didn’t read his bible (what a surprise) or he has one f**ked up idea about what peace is and what Jesus teached about. I can’t find anywhere in the bible where it’s said that some races should be extinct or that segregation was the way to go. Did I miss that? Or could it just be that Mr. Dumb Dumb again shows evidence of his low IQ? You tell me. A short look on what he has posted on Facebook groups tells you that the guy probably didn’t go that many years in school, when he more or less never puts together a coherent sentence.

His Facebook page

So not such a wild guess is that his real name is John Nelson and according to that page is living in Daytona Beach, Florida.

And it didn’t take long before he cried … sorry, responded.

Update August 10th: Facebook seems to support racism, when I published these screenprints in a Facebook group I got a warning for ”harrasment”?!?! Wtf, it’s his own words.
… to be continued!

… to be continued!