The Murder of Sherri Rasmussen [Crime]

The text down below is from Wikipedia, I’m just facinated by how the sociopath Stephanie Rasmussem responded during her interiogation. You just have to watch and listen to that clip.

On February 24, 1986, the body of Sherri Rasmussen (born February 7, 1957) was found dead in the apartment she shared with her husband, John Ruetten, in Van Nuys, California, United States. She had been beaten and shot three times in a struggle. The Los Angeles Policedepartment (LAPD) initially considered the case a botched burglary, and were unable to identify a suspect.

Rasmussen’s father believed that Stephanie Lazarus, an LAPD officer, was a prime suspect. Detectives who re-examined the cold casefiles in 2009 were eventually led to Lazarus, by then herself a detective. A DNA sample she unknowingly discarded was matched to one from a bite on Rasmussen’s body that had remained in the files. Lazarus was convicted of the murder in 2012 and is serving a sentence of 27 years to life for first-degree murder at the California Institution for Women in Corona.

Lazarus appealed the conviction, claiming that the age of the case and the evidence denied her due process. She also alleged that the search warrant was improperly granted, her statements in an interview prior to her arrest were compelled, and that evidence supporting the original case theory should have been admitted at trial. In 2015, the guilty verdict was upheld by the California Court of Appeal.

Some of the police files suggest that evidence that could have implicated Lazarus earlier in the investigation was later removed, perhaps by others in the LAPD. Rasmussen’s parents unsuccessfully sued the department over this and other aspects of the investigation. Jennifer Francis, the criminalist who found key evidence from the bite mark, unsuccessfully sued the City of Los Angeles, claiming she was pressured by police to favor certain suspects in this and other high-profile cases and was retaliated against when she brought this to the LAPD’s attention.

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