Just Some Things About Me!

So I decided to write down my thoughts on stuff, mainly just to get them out of my head as some kind of diary. Maybe someone will get something out of it.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden. As far back as I can remember I have been “suffering” from a “lighter” version of manic depression, today it’s called bi-polar disease, it’s a mental disorder that causes periods of depression and periods of abnormally elevated mood. Today I’m usually just “normal” but get episodes. So if I have not written something for a while, I´m probarly just low and can´t find the energy to do so.

I intend to write down my thoughts on everything I find interesting, sometimes longer stories and sometimes just short snippets. Sometimes not even original writing from me, but re-publishing other writers I like. I write mainly just for myself to get things off my chest, but if others find it interesting it’s just a big bonus. My review of things can be pretty short, but first my main goal there is to just make others interested in it and I personally hate spoilers of any kind.

Some have asked me what’s the meaning of “the hooded figure without a face” that I often use. The meaning is that in this day and age when people more or less never read more than the headlines before judging someone, that I want to prove a point that it doesn’t matter what gender or skin colour you have. Judge me by what I say or write.

My main interested is music and vinyl collecting. movies and also there … collecting. I’m a hoarder of blu-ray, DVD and sometimes even laserdiscs and VHS. Unfortunately for me, I more or less like all music styles and movie categories so it can get expensive :-).

… and since you asked, Non Serviam is Latin and means “I will not obey”. The expression was used by people who rejected to follow religious dogmas and their gods back in the day.


I more or less listen to all music genres (not top-chart pop). For example, when it comes to music I can go 3 months only listening to 1970/80’s Punk rock and then 2 months only listening to Hip Hop. Then a period where I’m changing styles every day and then again 6 months only listening to Black Metal. I tend to like the darker, harder, more melancholic or aggressive artists in most subgenres but it varies. For example, in Hip Hop I usually go for the political or social conscious lyrics and are not at all interested in “look at my big fat gold chain” lyrics.

I dig deeper into the various subgenres at the bottom of this page.


I pretty much do the same when it comes to movies as with music. I can go for a couple of months only watching 1980’s horror and then a month only drama movies, then just random things from all genres and then 3 months only watching 1970’s Action/Thriller and so on. I noticed with myself that if I see 2-3 “stinkers” in a row, I tend to go for only Tv series for awhile and then back.

I’m also the type of persons who hates spoilers, I more or less never watch trailers and don’t want to know anything about the movie more than the basic plot. So in that vein is also my reviews. They are more of short things that maybe can wake someones interest and make them discover the movie themselves.

My passion for movies started with horror movies, and I still really like them and I’m always looking for that thrill or adrenaline rush of being scared, although that was several years ago now. But mainly I like all genres (except for romantic comedies and out-in-space Sci-fi). Smaller indie movies, especially drama and horror, I tend to love. They usually give me a feeling of watching something from “real life”.

As stated here above, I’m not a fan of “out in space” sci-fi movies like Star Wars or Star Trek, but I love sci-fi movies when it’s more down here on our planet like UpgradeEx-Machina, Edge of TomorrowDistrict 9Attack the Block and so on.


Another interest of mine is mysteries and the unexplained of different kinds. It can be anything from strange disappearances of people, cryptozoology, conspiracies and so on. But since I’m one of the “question everything” people, I don’t believe in every claim everyone have of a phenomena and think 99,9% of these things are maybe not hoaxes but the misinterpretation of other things. But I don’t disregard everything because it doesn’t fit into todays science, which of course is what we otherwise should go by. Scientific facts are a thing that is known to be consistent with objective reality and can be proven to be true with evidence. Anybody with the means can test it and get the same results. But on the other hand, what we know to be true is always changing. From how old the human race is to animal declared to be extinct, but then is proven to be wrong. That’s why I think it’s a scientist job to look into these topics, not make fun of them.

Cryptozoology is called a pseudoscience by the established, but really is the attempt to get evidence of claimed unknown animals. The biggest part here is Sasquatch or Bigfoot. To many a joke, but as with other of these “stranger topics”, if you dig deep into them you have to ask yourself if there isn’t something to the topic.

Conspiracies … A conspiracy are “actual covert plots planned and/or carried out by two or more persons”. So there’s a whole tin foil hat community out there that believes any conspiracy theory that anyone present. Personally, I think 99% of the claims are bullsh*t, but there are some that no matter what angle you look at them or how much I read about them, there’s something about the official stories that doesn’t add up. Especially the JFK murder and 9/11. And it’s not like conspiracies are all “made up stuff”, there are a lot of them that turned out to be true. Read about that here (opens in a new window)

UFO’s is what it sounds like, Unidentified Flying Objects that we can’t explain. It doesn’t mean ”So you believe in little green men”. No, it means that there are occurrences that we can’t explain, light phenomena that seasoned scientists have confirmed, but can’t explain and this I find fascinating. We also have the most famous UFO case in Roswell, where it’s a fact that the US government have lied at least 4 times over the years about what was found. Why would you do that? Even if it was a top secret military testing gone wrong, now over 70 years later, you could admit that.

Psychology might fit here under mysteries, for the human brain and how it works is often a mystery. Why are we pulled into mass psychosis without questioning it. Following the rest of the herd when someone with what they interpret as “authority” says something? The human mind might also come into play with all above mentioned topics. Do we really see something unexplained or do our brain play tricks on us?

These are also some other topics that I follow under “mysteries”, and I’m very fascinated by the Skinwalker Ranch and the Missing 411 stories and much more.


Not much to say here, I listen to hours of podcasts each day. More or less only of the above mentioned topics, Music, Movies and Mysteries.


I’m also interested in social issues and will comment and write down my thoughts about it, just so you know what to expect when I take over :-).


One of my main interest when it comes to social issues is my total belief that organised religion is the root of most evils and should be extinguished?. When it comes what a person in the privacy of their own home beliefs, than good for them if it makes them feel better. But still now when it’s the year 2020, organized religion have and has had too much to say in how we construct our society. and its laws. Arizona, US had just taken away women’s right to choose to get an abortion, people are bullied for being lesbian/gay, some countries don’t teach how to practise safe sex, shaming for sexual urges regardless if it’s by yourself or with someone else! … I live by the words “let everyone enjoy and do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.”


I’m a hardcore believer that we are all the same no matter what skin color you have. What makes us different is based on social structures and education not what pigment your skin have.


I’m not left, and I’m not right, I’m common sense! So to the dumb dumbs, just because I jump on Trump with full force doesn’t mean I’m left … just that I’m a decent human being.

I also think that the mass media should do a greater job than what they do today. What happened to investigative journalism? Today it feels like 99% of the news channels just repeat what the memo from the government said. Questioning nothing! To me, the mass media should be the voice of the people. Edward Snowden should get Nobels Peace Price, not get treated like vermin. UN should in that case give the US a serious reprimand.


Nakedness, sex and sexuality are some of the most natural things in the world, but also something religion and society have taught us is “ugly” and should only be between two married people, of course one male and one female. But why? Again, I blame it on religion and the powers to be who used it as a control mechanism. Personally, I’m extremely straight, but I wouldn’t even think of objecting to that homosexual men or women’s should have the same rights as everyone else. As said before, I live by “let everyone do whatever they like as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone”.

To me the female body is mother natures ultimate masterpiece. It’s a natural work of art and should be cherished, not degraded. I hate degrading porn/erotica, only the use of ”slut” or ”whore” in film titles pisses me off. I guess men into this have some ”mother issues” and are still angry at them for not breastfeeding them long enough. So I can’t state this enough, ”Men, respect women”.

We always have the debate if anyone really chose to be part in a porno movie, webcam model or prostitution if they would have the opportunity to do something else? We know thousands upon thousands are forced into prostitution, which makes me furious and should be fought with every method available to us. But then we have these women that have come from secure backgrounds and just want to make money fast. Are they wrong for doing so? I’m not sure, but I think not, and we should make every effort we can so they can work in as a secure way as possible. But I think much more study should be made about this, maybe it’s all simply abuse.


Just to finish this up, I’m not a person who says that because you disagree with me on my taste, you’re wrong. No, that’s not true at all. You like what you like, enjoy it as long as it makes you happy.



Black Metal
I discovered Bathory, Venom and Hellhammer at first but although I really love these bands and bought every record I always felt it was more of an image thing than the “real deal”. When I really got into Black Metal it was when I discovered Watain, Malign, Ofermod, Deathspell Omega and the mightiest of them all Dissection. I got to know the singer/guitarist Jon Nödveidt post-prison, or know, it wasn’t like I was included in the inner circles and part of T.O.T.B.L or anything but we had several interesting conversations and hanged out on several occasions. I had a record store then and he chose to have his signing sessions and world premier of ”Reinkaos” at my store. Watain is also a band that I know get’s shit from some “true black metal fans”, which is a joke. Just because they don’t live in their mothers basements and only release tapes they are, I can assure you. The real deal! For me Black Metal is Satanic and that’s what I prefer. And believe me 99% of the bands that call themselves ”Satanic”, should go into the ”Anti Christian” subgenre. But with that said I also enjoy other black metal subgenres as ”Suicidal/Nihilistic”, ”Anti Christian” & what I call ”Mother Earth” black metal where I put bands that usually have nature related, cultural heritage, old mythology based lyrics.

Don’t listened much to this genre today but I loved Oasis, Cast, Ash, Bluetones and several more during it’s haydays,

Dark Ambient
I love really good Dark Ambient music, but it’s hard to find the perfect one to ”soundtrack” my mood or the feeling I’m after. If I listen to 30-40 albums I might find one. I’m usually after more or less rumbling darkness/thunder that have an occult satanic/demonic feeling like Lustmord’s masterpiece ”The Monstrous Soul” from 1992. Sometimes I’m in the mood for an apocalyptic feeling, that sets you in a doomsday mode, like modern society collapse. Also ”icy ambient” that makes you feel like you’re stuck somewhere in stormy winter weather like Northhaunt’s ”Istid I-II” from 2015.

Death Metal
When I first heard Earache’s early releases a whole new world opened up for me. Entombed, Dismember, Terrorizer, Morbid Angel and to this day it’s still that sound that I love within Death Metal. Filthy is good!

Drum ‘n Bass/Jungle
I love Drum ‘n Bass! Drum ‘n Bass is my Jazz music (Although I like Jazz as well), you know that kind of music you put on after a long day at work, or on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee. Especially the music from the 1990’s from labels such as Moving Shadows and Good looking.

Anatolian rock from Turkey, 60/70s Thai Rock, French ye-ye pop, South African psychadelia, Jazz from Brasil, psychadelia from Iran are just examples of genres I find a lot of awesome stuff within. And there is much, much more to discover.

Heavy Metal
I’m a sucker for more or less anything 1980’s metal and have a pretty big vinyl collection. With metal I don’t mean the whole glam thing with Warrant, Poison, Post-Shout at the Devil Mötley Crue but real heavy metal in the vein of Judas Priest, Accept and so on. I love to discover what was going on in Latin America, Soviet, Asia, France during the 80’s and especially when they sang in their own language.

Hip Hop
My main interest in hip hop is the 1990’s scene, I love Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep, Ice Cube, Redman and many more. Usually I fall for the so-called east coast sound with it’s “colder” feeling and repetitive beats/sound. Public Enemy and NWA was the bands that really got me into hip hop. The aggression, their social aware lyrics and their fuck authorities attitude sold me. I ofcourse listen to new hip hop aswell such as Tylor the Creator, Asap Mob, Run the Jewels and a lot more. I usually go for the political or social concious lyrics and are not at all interested in “my big fat goldchain” lyrics.
I really do love the UK grime scene with Kano and Skepta as my absolute favourites.

Traditional mainstream rock usually dont really rock my boat (pun intended so to speak). I usually find it pretty boring but a few exceptions such as early U2, some Dire Straits and Tom Petty stuff, a Swedish band called Kent and I always had a soft spot for Bruce Springsteen and especially his lyrics.

Don’t know why but I haven’t digged deeper into this genre until now altough I always loved My Bloody Valentine, Jesus And Mary Chain, Spacemen 3 and so on. Also the debut albums from Boo Radleys, Lush, Ride. But I will dig deeper into this awesome genre.

I mainly find early 1970’s Soul/Funk interesting. I love when it has more of a social concept like Curtis Mayfield “If There’s A Hell Below We’re All Going To Go”, Syl Johnson ‎”Is It Because I’m Black” or Billy Paul ‎”Am I Black Enough For You”.

I love Depeche Mode, but I’m usually drawned to the colder 70/early 80’s sound such as Kraftwerk, early Gary Numan, OMD and so on. But here’s another genre I have to discover more of.

Techno/House/Drum’n Bass
So in the so-called “dance music genre” my main interest is techno, but I listen to everything from old Acid/House, Drum’n Bass, Jungle, Big Beat, Breakbeat and old school house. I tend to lean towards the harder line in techno, I love Jeff Mills, Adam Beyers 1990’s era and several of his label drumcodes releases, but also more minimal things like Joel Mull, Alan Fitzpatrick. Acid usually always gets me, a long love for Plastikman, Emmanuel Top and Hardfloor. Today my kicks mainly comes from the amazing Amelie Lens DJ sets.

These are the main genres I listen to but I also find gold in others such as Ska, Grindcore, Blues, Goth, Country, Bluegrass, Reggae, Krautrock and many more.