Public Enemy “State of the Union (STFU)” (Hip Hop) [Music/Track]

Year: 2020
Genre: Hip Hop
From: The upcoming album “Nothing is Quick in the Desert”

White House Killer, Dead in Lifelines, Vote This Joke Out”

I have been in love with Public Enemy ever since I heard them for the first time on the album “Fear of a Black Planet” from 1990. Soon after that I came across “It Takes a Nation …” and their conscious lyrics and militant approach really spoke to me. Chuck D is probably the most intelligent guy in the whole Hip Hop community and I always pay attention when he speaks.

“State of the Union” is their new aggressive and simply fantastic track. Produced by DJ Premier, it’s “a fiery return to the frontlines as they take on Donald Trump and his fascist regime,” according to a new press release. It continues: “An unflinching statement about the destruction the current administration has unleashed on the country and its people, ‘State of the Union (STFU)’ speaks truth to power while urging people to fight against racism, injustice and oppression with their vote.”

Chuck D says: “Our collective voices keep getting louder. The rest of the planet is on our side. But it’s not enough to talk about change. You have to show up and demand change. Folks gotta vote like their lives depend on it, ‘cause it does.”

After the George Floyd murder, Chuck D spoke to HipHopDX, “My statements are politically incorrect. It will not behove anybody for me to say these things. They’re really incendiary and they’re not helpful. It’s not conducive. When you don’t feel good about saying what you really feel you should say, you shouldn’t say anything at all. Older people know that.” He continues: “If you don’t really feel it’s conducive to say certain things, you just stay fucking quiet until you find the right words for it. And right now, there are no words for this shit. I got no voice at this moment, because every single emotion young people have is justified right now. It’s emotion.”