Houska Castle … Gateway to Hell? [Mysteries/Paranormal]

Houska Castle is located near Blatce, Czech Republic. The old structure dates back to the 13th century and has a very strange history, to say the least.

The castle is in a strange place, and many people wonder why a castle would ever have been built there. Before it was ever built, the place where Houska is the focus of attention for many.
It is said that there was a large hole where the castle stands today. This hole was so deep that most people thought it was a literal bottomless pit. Strange things happened around this mysterious hole, and nearby villagers reported that black-winged creatures flew around it and half-human, half-animal crawling out of the hole. It didn’t take long for people to begin to believe that the pit was a gateway to hell itself. It is believed that Houska Castle was deliberately built over this pit, in an attempt to seal the hole with a gate to shut down the evil that was there.

Before the castle was built, the locals were afraid of being lowered into the bottom grove. But it didn’t take long for them to find a solution. Imprisoned men who would be executed received a pardon if they were allowed to be lowered into the hole and report their findings. This seemed like a simple way out of punishment for some prisoners. Unfortunately, after the first prisoner was lowered, they ended it. After being lowered deep into the pit, the prisoner began to scream uncontrollably and asked to be pulled back up. After being pulled up, the prisoner’s hair had turned white and he seemed to have aged many years, during the few moments he spent inside the hole. The prisoner was so disturbed by what he had experienced that he went crazy. These few moments in the hole seemed to have upset his mind. He was placed in a mental facility and died of unknown causes two days later.

During world war II, it was said that the castle was used by Nazis for various experiments. Some also claim that the experiments involved the approach to other dimensions. It may sound far fetched, but if you wanted to perform such experiments, what is better than at the top of the gates of hell? Three bodies of Nazi soldiers were eventually found at Houska. Their cause of death unknown. Could they have fallen victim to these strange experiments?

Reports of paranormal experiences and encounters with evil have existed as long as the castle itself. Most experiences include sightings of black-winged demons, which are seen flying in the old castle. Others have reported a much less threatening blonde-haired woman sailing across the dark corridors of the castle. The chapel inside Houska Castle is located directly above the pit which was the first to be built up. Many have heard scares and bone-chilling sounds coming from beneath the floor of the chapel. Others have heard what can only be described as a human body hitting the floor.

One of the most interesting experiences is the human chain. Not just one, but many claim they have seen hundreds of people chained up, with black dogs spinning and licking their legs. A very disturbing picture to say the least.

So is Houska Castle a barrier between two worlds? Is it really a gateway to hell? Based on the experiences of so many centuries and stories of horror that have been told for generations, this is definitely something that is dark and inexplicable at Houska.

What exactly can cause these experiences? Topics like this I always find interesting. I like to believe there is strange things we don’t know about, but it could also be just our mind playing tricks on us for various reasons. Strong magnetic fields maybe? I would like to see an experiment where they send people there that has absolutly no idea about the background history and see if they report anything. Or if these reports just comes from “people who want to believe”.

Down below is a video of the place, I guess the girl in the video is into some kind of ghost hunting, but I publish it here mainly for you to get a feel of the place.