Police Should Get Higher Pay … But Also Harsher Sentences.

In my optimal world, the most important jobs would be the pillars of society. The teachers, firemen, nurses/doctors and police. There’s nothing more important than these people, followed by contruction workers, road workers, transporters and so on. Wall street people ”gambling” with other peoples money is NOT.

In my world, these jobs would be the most important ones. But since they are the most important, they should also be really well paid, and have all the benefits such as free health care and good pensions. With this also comes a HUGE responsibility. Which means there should be 0% tolerance for racism and sexism. Police who violate these and police who help their colleague to conceal / commit crimes should be sentenced and even receive harsher penalties than ordinary civilians since they are in a trust / power position. There should be a monitoring organization that can investigate that everything is going right and keep the balance so that it does not develop into a police state, so to speak Police the Police. A criminal record list should also be introduced, much like sexual offenders for those convicted in these professions. A register that is public.