World Renown … Forgotten 1990’s Hip Hop [Music]

For me a new discovery, a duo consisting of Seven Shawn (Cousin of K-Def) and John Doe (Cousin of Marley Marl). They had a short career during the mid 1990’s where they released three 12” and also recorded one album that never got released. They came to my attention when I heard the brilliant title track from the groups second 12” from 1994, ”How nice I am” (9/10) on a mixtape.

Their 1995 album “World Renown” (I would give it a 7/10) got shelved by Warner Brothers, after it received a less than favorable review from The Source in a 1995 Issue. They did praise the 1st half of the album but felt the 2nd half was lacking. With the final words of the review saying “The B side didn’t measure up to the album 1st half, yes there are some strong songs like Real MC’s and Easy on the Tweeter but the level of quality declines. It’s like you’re expecting to go all the way, and you only get a passionate tongue kiss: stimulating but not fulfilling.” 3.5 mics. Its still unknown as to why Warner Brothers shelved the album in mid 1995, as of today it’s still shelved and unreleased.

The duos only full-length that still doesn’t have an official release.
The title track from their first 12” from 1994 (7/10)

The last sign of life, ”War Chant” (8/10) a 12” from 1996.

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