Who Killed Malcolm X? (Documentary Series) [TV/Review]


Year: 2019
Genre: Documentary
Source: Streaming (Netflix)

The documentary follows the work of Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a historian and tour guide in Washington, D.C., who for more than 30 years has been investigating the assassination of Malcolm X. In the documentary, convicted assassin Talmadge Hayer states that his four co-conspirators were Benjamin Thomas, Leon Davis, William X, and a man by the name of Wilbur or Kinly, all from the Nation Of Islam mosque in Newark NJ.

Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, historian and Malcolm X murder researcher!


I usually don’t write spoiler reviews, but this one pissed me of so much that I have to get it off my chest.

We get to follow Abdur-Rahman Muhammads quest to find out who was really behind Malcolm X murder on that cold winter day 21st of February 1965 at the Audubon Ballroom, 3940 Broadway, Manhattan, New York in this 6 part documentary series. Everything points to that, the main killer was a Al-Mustafa Shabazz, from Mosque No.25, Newark, New Jersey and everyone at that mosque seems to know that.

Al Mustafa Shabazz, the biggest traitor to the black people in US history.
His action put a stop to a mayor empowerment of African- Americans.

Talmadge Hayer, who was involved in the killing and got convicted for his part, but also Thomas 15X Khalil, who was innocent, but died before he could clear his name. Norman 3X Butler, Muhammad Aziz, also innocent is still alive and could get a full clearing of his name. He lost 20 years of his life and more or less have no real contact with his now grown-up children as a consequence.

It makes me sick to my stomach to see that Al-Mustafa Shabazz who dies during the investigation gets a hero’s funeral. I don’t care what or how much good he have done in his life afterwards, he let 2 innocent man rot in prison and HE KILLED MALCOLM X. He’s a traitor to all black people and the human race. If I ever get to Newark I will piss on his grave!

Nation of Islams leader at the time the (dis-) honorable Elijah Muhammad and the rest of the cowards of Nation of Islams Newark department, don’t seem to have a problem with letting two innocent people spend 20 years in prison is beyond disgusting. When confronted about it they all say, “it’s in the past” or “why open up old wounds” … WTF! Again, HE KILLED MALCOLM X … The greatest leader the world have ever seen. If I wasn’t angry enough, then comes the religious crap spewing out of their mouths “He did Hajj and his sins are washed away and he’s reborn”. F**k that! He’s a bug, an insect, a cochroach that should have been killed … slowly!

I would like to see a follow up to this documentary, that digs deeper into if the FBI or CIA had any involvement. Also the rumor of a sixth man involved. We know the FBI had some information that they didn’t share with the NYPD (obstruction of justice anyone?) and that they saw Malcolm X as a threat.

I watched this streaming on Netflix, but I hope it will also be released on Blu-Ray.


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