Redman “Dunfiato” (Hip Hop) [Music/Track]

Year: 2014
Genre: Hip Hop
From: The mixtape album ”Sour Power 2

”But it’s freestyle so these words might need a home”

Don’t much to say about this one lyricswise, but here are the mighty Redman showing his greatness with more or less just one long flow. This is one of these rare tracks that I can listen to repeat over and over again without getting tired of it. And it was only released on a mixtape back in 2014.

The meaning of the song name is that d’un fiato in Italian translates roughly to “in one breath”.


Hey, hey
Muddy fucking waters mixtape, man
I’m high as a bitch up in this motherfucker
I need a beat, I need a fuckin’ beat
I don’t need no turn up beat, I need some elements
Some Hip-hop
Let’s get back to some elements and shit (yeah)
Josh, I like that man. You like that man?
Let’s turn that shit up man (yeah)
Lyrical wordplay for y’all. I feel good on this one, man
This is how real emcees do it, you know?
Yeah, I like that shit a lot man
D’un fiato!
Rome, York, we in the building
Check it out (yo)

When I hit the bong I’m Godzilla taking over Hong Kong
Eating wantan wid’ a shotgun in long johns
It’s not unsung
No story here to tell, I’m just ready
I’m a student before the school bell
That prevail my wordplay
Thirsty, I bust all three Ks on Martin Luther King birthday
Berkeley College, for twenty dollars
If I got it, smoke, here enquire my knowledge
A little psychotic, I know
Rate me, I’m Michael Jordan in the final four fighting with Wayne Gretzky
I’m not relevant, let’s see
Who’s spittin?
Some of y’all Coke and Pepsi, I can’t tell the difference
I’m Darryl when I’m pitchin’
Before the white girl had ’em twitchin’
Now the rap game in my kitchen
Easy pickens
Rebel wid’ a cause
My mind is like fuck with mine, I’ll put your mind on the wall
I’m on tour gettin’ bread and tattoos and your job is giving Tic Tacs in bathrooms
I hate gossip, I’ll mash up your media moshpit
Release a ba-boom in the chat room
My weed bags are vacuum that smuggle
Off of one blunt, a bitch gon’ fuck you (HAHAHA)
Chicks Tivo the meatloaf, when I hit they belly Doc droppin’ all dimes (RICO!)
Take precautions

I got a Paul Bearer that build coffins for all rappers and nonsense
Nonchalantly I’m thinkin’ darker than a convict conscience
That’s why I’m sweating in the armpits, that’s where the bomb is
The gang rate in my city is like the 80s where Kendrick Lamar live
I gotta’ harvest the purple at my apartment, across the park I sell pounds to Cartman
I think like an orphan, I’m in a zone
But it’s freestyle so these words might need a home
Executive net, I demand respect, check, don’t even talk to me or text the wrong tone (OKAY)
Stay at bay, um and delay
When I ride out, pull pins from these hand grenades
You can be amazed or hate it
But either way I get it heated like Kanye and Sway
I’m done wid’ it, I had fun wid’ it
Stay back and tell your girl come get it
She had Mr. Right, now she want Mr. Wrong
Now she swing along, like Serena arms