Minneapolis Riot Conspiracy

I’m extremely facinated by conspiracies, I usually don’t believe in them but it’s interesting in kind of a mystery solving way. And as in all bigger events/tragedies in the US we get at least one.

According to some claims, the man in the video instigated the riots and lootings, wearing by a black face mask and black umbrella. From another writer on social media the man above is the person guily for this.

From the “In the Now” Facebook page:
Hiding behind gas masks and systematically smashing windows and starting fires during protests over George Floyd’s murder. Is this a coordinated campaign?

There is also this talk about if the police officer arrested for the murderis the right man …

… on the other hand there is also a President who threatens US citizens, so I guess anything is possible.

… not so much more information right now, but this will surely be continued!