Looting … How Dumb Are You?

If you’re this primitive, do you honestly think anything is going to change? That the powers at be will do anything? That people outside your neighbourhoods will wake up and have sympathy for your cause? No, they’re going ”look at this herd of animals” we can do anything we want to these morons.

I don’t care about a Target being looted per say, but it pisses me off that this is what people choose to do in this situation. After a man have just been murdered by the police. Again, you want respect? Why? How?

Other aspects of this is why do you riot, loot and destroy your own neighbourhood? That sounds like the ultimate stupid. Why don’t hit ’em where it hurts, police stations, the Mayors office, The ”rich peoples” side of the park? There you would get attention and not just people looking down at you as some kind of primitive people destroying their own stores and homes.

It’s an emotional roller coaster, one day you get so angry of watching the police murder of Mr. Floyd, and then you see these lootings and get angry over that. Things like this makes me give up on people, maybe we all just get what we deserve. We get a society that looks like this because we deserve it. When I calm down, I start to think… but on the other hand, when you see footage of things like these lootings you think everyone is doing that. But in reality, how many are they? I see photographs like the one below and it makes me believe again.

Where’s the Black Panthers, where’s the Malcolm X’s of today? Silence, nothing. People looking up to rappers with pink princess curls in their hair, rapping about how great they are and how much money they swim in. Or sitting on social media, arguing about who of the two presidential puppets are the best option, when neither of them give a sh*t about you. What a joke!

You can think whatever you want about the Nation of Islam, and since I’m extremely non-religious so do I. But say what you will, they empowered African-Americans, demanded to be treated with respect. Refused to obey to injustices. We need something like that today.

Go back, and do over!

Fight Back News, recommended reading!