South KKKarolina (Documentary) [Review]


Year: 2019
Genre: Documentary
Director: Terry Davis
Original Title: –
Source: Stream (Tubi)

For the first and only time, all the gangs at war in South Carolina came together to protect their City from the Klu Klux Klan.

The producers of “South Carolina Drugwars” and “Colors, Bangin in South Carolina” bring you the first and only documentary about the infamous battle between Black Gangs and the KKK at the SC Statehouse. The 4 part series takes viewers to the streets of South Carolina, and documents the KKK, Crips, Bloods, Gangster Disciples, Directors, Rappers, and the most dangerous areas of Columbia, SC. The film additionally features over 20 minutes of raw footage from the KKK rally that took place over the Confederate flag after the arrest of Dylan Roof for the cowardly slaughter of the Charleston 9.

WTF is this? It feels like a highschool project made from an iPhone. I came to see some backstory about the clowns in KKK and the different gangs in South Carolina joining forces to fight them. What I got was a lot of random people going to graveyards, rapping, talking about Chris Brown and the last 10 minutes someone filming protesters from the South Carolina streets. The director Terry Davis go on and on about how he’s smart and use his brain instead of a sword … then if he’s so smart maybe he should have spent a couple of hours studing structure and narrative before making this garbage. Again, my 10 year old cousin would have made a better job as a school project. I still want to see a documentary about this topic!

I watched this throu the free streaming app, Tubi.

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