Siesta … or Farting Bubbles! [Art]

I got to be honost, I’m a photo person and in my home I only have one painting, the rest are photographs. Usually when and if I think about getting a painting I look at medival art and usually their depiction of hell, the black plague or something dark.

The first time I saw ”Siesta” was in a meme that stated something about ”1000 years ago this was made” …. So that’s what I thought before I started to research is and found out it was made by Arthur Berzinsh, born April 20th, 1983 in Riga, Latvia, so not that medival then 😂

This painting always put me in a good mood. I mean a women farting bubbles and the small amgels that looks like they’re up to no good. Fantastic, pure joy!

You can support the artist by buying a print at his offical page on Etsy. You find it here, Official Store