R.L. Burnside “See My Jumper Hanging On the Line” (Blues) [Track]

From: You find the track on several of his compilation albums such as “Plays And Sings The Mississippi Delta Blues” or “Burnside On Burnside“.
Year: 1978 (YouTube Clip Recording)
Genre: Delta Blues/North Mississippi Blues

”It makes me extremely happy that he at least got
recognition later in life and was able to live off his music.”

Virtually all blues musicians who have meant anything have grown up near the Mississippi Delta. It was there that names that Charley Patton and Robert Johnson came to lay the foundations for the Delta blues, in turn, would be electrified as Muddy Waters and his generation emigrated from the cotton plantations in the south to the Chicago and Detroit factories (the great migration) to form the foundation for rock ‘n’ roll a few years later. It is a torn story that is familiar to the vast majority of people who have ever been interested in the history of modern music.

Not as well known as the Delta Blues is the subgenre that was born in Northern Mississippi and is simply called the North Mississippi Blues. It is music that bears more resemblance to African origin than other blues. The blues played in the northern parts of Mississippi are characterized by greater rhythmic flexibility, modal melodies in one or perhaps two chords and preferably a table tone. The music has a hypnotic quality that the counterpart farther south lacks.

Among the genre’s most cherished names is R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough. R.L. Burnside (1926-2005) lived most of his life as a farmer and fisherman but certainly made some recordings in the 60’s. However, it was not until the 1990s when he was recruited by the record company Fat Possom, who specializes in recording old forgotten blues musicians, that he could support himself on the music.

It makes me extremely happy that he at least got recognition later in life and was able to live off his music.

Alan Lomax recording of R.L. Burnside performing “Jumper Hanging On the Line” is just perfect. It gives me goosebumps and I can listen to it over and over again. I feel the hard life, the long day’s work under the Mississippi sun. The heartache and the pain.

“Jumper Hanging On the Line”

See my jumper on
Hangin’ out on the line
Know by that
Something on my mind

I wouldn’t be here, baby
If it hadn’t been for you
Way down here, way you wanna do
Fix my supper, baby, let me go to bed

Guess white lightnin’
Done gone to my head
Guess white lightnin’
Done gone to my head


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