Forced Assimilation of Native People

Evidence #538455 of that christian love. The goal was to forcefully christianize the native americans with any means necessary, even at gunpoint. The kids were forbidden to speak their own language, have their traditional look, they were given new names and there are cases upon cases of sexual abuse. These practises where not stopped until the late 1970’s … I repeat, the late 1970’s.

From the ”Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know podcast
For centuries the church and U.S. government conspired to persecute, attack and marginalize the native population. When open warfare became too expensive, some factions of the government proposed a different approach — what if, they wondered, we erase native culture? This inspired a massive industry of forced assimilation. Thousands of children were forced into boarding schools where they were taught to act more ‘European’ while being abused, exploited and placed into forced labor. Tune in to learn more about the conspiracy of forced assimilation, and how its long-reaching consequences affect the country in the modern day.

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