Drumcode’s Aurora (Techno) [Music/Review]


Year: 2020
Genre: Techno
Label: Drumcode

I have been following my countryman Adam Beyer’s own label, drumcode since I dicovered his EP “Compressed” in 1996 and catching several of his DJ sets.

This is a digital compilation release only if I got it right. Although it’s a compilation, so all the tracks have been released before on separate 12″. There are several amazing tracks, but unfortunately even some that doesn’t entice me.

The compilation starts of with Amelie Lens masterpiece “In Silence”, an amazing Acid stomper with just the perfect bass for my taste, a definate 10/10. My favourite Amelie track so far!

Next up we have Ida Engberg and “Lucky Ones”, with a lovely repetitive beat and an old school feeling, 9/10.

Anna’s “Galactic Highways” have parts that take me back to real trance from the early 1990’s, such as the tracks from the “Echoes of the Sun” compilation, 8/10.

The fourth track, BEC “Hypersphere” I think starts out kind of boring but around the two minute mark we get some crawling Acid alá Plastikman feel and it picks up, 6/10

Charlotte De Witte ”Remember” is really good, although I like repetetive beats, but maybe this is a bit to ”simple”, no real depth in it. On the other hand as soon as the acid part kicks in I’m all about it. But for me she could have dropped the vocals from the track. 7/10

“Was Beautiful” by Juliet Fox is what I don’t like at all with Techno, to me the melody is too happy/jolly in a “commercial” way or as I call it “Walmart Techno”, made for the masses. if you get what I mean. Also I’m not a fan at all with lyrics or voices in techno. 2/10

“This is up” is some kind of hypnotic electro thing that I think is okey, it could have done without the breakdown in the middle. 5/10

“I feel the music” … here’s another example of great techno, pretty hard beat but to me get ruined by adding the vocals. 6/10

“Raze” by Shelley Johannson starts out very intriging with a nice built up, and when the melody kicks in you just want to move with the music. This again gives me that 1990’s feeling, with what drumcode released back then. The break about 4 minutes is awesome, got me some goosebumps. 8/10

Ida Engberg closer “Junoverse” is a funky thing that’s ok, no more no less. 5/10