Shock Waves (Horror Movies) [Podcast/Review]


(Updated April 28th, 2020. First published September 21st, 2019)

Topic: Horror Movies
Since When: 187 episodes to this date (and 140 before as Killer POV)
Length: Usually around 90-120 minutes.
Links: Twitter, Facebook, Website, Apple Podcasts

This is probably the biggest horror movie podcast out there, with a lot of guests appearing on the show. Every show usually starts with each hosts going through what they have seen lately, and then goes to a guest. I find it most interesting when the hosts discuss movies on their own, but of course some guests are very interesting. But for me it’s the ones that have been in the field for decades, I find myself tuning out when there’s a new director talking about what he/she was inspired by. Sometimes they go through a top 5 or 10 list of their favourites within a topic and that’s almost always awesome.

I listen to a lot of podcasts since I have the ability to also listen when I’m at work, but noticed I don’t listen to Shock Waves as much as I did with Killer POV (9/10). Killer POV was the name of the show before Blumhouse (and Ryan) infiltrated the show. A podcast I listened to immediately every time a new episode was released. But as you see down below, not all hosts are favourites of mine.

Elric Kane is god … or at least movie-podcast-god. I can listen to hours of him talking about movies and we don’t always share the same taste. He likes some ”arty” stuff that’s not my cup of tea. But since he has such a passion I love listening to him anyway. If that isn’t a sign of an awesome podcast host, then I don’t know what is. If you’re into other genres you also must look into his podcast “Pure Cinema” with Brian Saur. 10/10

Rob Galluzzo, the Icons of Fright founder, now on Fangoria magazine and Rob’s true love for cinema is not a question at all, he’s a collector of physical media, which gives him a lot of bonus points in my book and he talks with a passion about bonus material on discs and so on. He is the perfect example that you might like a person or host even though you don’t agree with him at all. He has horror comedy as his main passion, and don’t like mean spirited horror, and he don’t like home invasion horror because it’s to real, which for me is what horror should mainly be … mean, dirty, evil, frightning and I want to be scared not to have a laugh … I would then chose a comedy. So he works the opposite way for me, if he recommends something … I stay far away from it .. for f**k sake he liked Sinister 2 😂. 9/10

Rebekah McKendry from the classic magazine Fangoria. No doubt she has a passion and knowledge of the topic, and I enjoy listening to her “recently watched”, but her high pitch voice when excited is like nails on chalkboard, she’s also good at interrupting people they interview with personal, pointless anecdotes that’s only interesting to her, in the vein of “Yes, I remember when I watched it the first time …”. Also her taste is not close to mine. 6/10

Ryan Turek, infiltrated the show after the shift from Killer POV to Shock Waves on Blumhouse. Same as Rebekah, I don’t for a second question his knowledge or passion for the genre, but it’s something about his ”I know it all” attitude and his ”my opinion on things is what goes” that gets on my nerves. For real, who says ”we all know that I love …”? No, we don’t, why should we? Megalomania much? And seriously, he follows the Netflix show “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, WTF, is he 12 years old. I have learned to tolerate him. The first time around I put a 3/10 on him, but now 4/10.