Bigfoot: True-Life Encounters with Legendary Ape-Men (Cryptozoology) [Book/Review]


Year: 2008/2016
Genre: Nonfiction/Unexplained Phenomena
Author: Rupert Matthews
Source: Audiobook (Audible)

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie, Yeti…the idea that monstrous man-apes lurk in the remote forests and high mountain valleys of the world is an enduring and popular one. Hardly a week goes by without some report of a fresh encounter.

In 1793 the Boston Gazette reported a sighting of what the Cherokee call a “chickly cuddly” or “hairy man thing”. In 1818 the Watchman recorded the visit of a “Wild Man of the Woods”. Ever since, hundreds of eyewitness accounts of a giant, elusive beast that stands upright on its hind legs have come flooding in.

One creature was seen trying to catch a calf in a farmer’s field; a group of them used rocks to pound the walls of a remote cabin. More recently, four teenagers in rural America were startled when a huge hairy creature landed on the roof of their car.

Bigfoot takes a fresh look at the man-apes reported to exist in North America, South America, Australia, the Himalayas and Central Asia. It examines historic sightings as well as up-to-date ones – and poses the crucial question: are they really out there?

I listen to this through Audible and it was narrated by Nick Landrum, who did a really excellent job. I will definitely look into what else he has read.

With that said I bought this hoping to hear some new campfire stories about people’s “meetings” with what’s popularly referred to as bigfoot (personally I prefer the word Sasquatch). There are some shorter tales of encounters, but it’s mainly a historical facts and if you have any interest in the topic you all ready know these things. What sold me, was when he presented the “phenomena” of the hairy man from outside the US. Especially the Almas or Almasty (“wildman”) from Mongolia and Russia, the Caucasus and Pamir Mountains of Central Asia, and the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia. It was really fascinating to hear how the nomads in Mongolia don’t consider the emails to be anything special, just another species that roam the mountains. Also the Indonesian “Bigfoot”, Orang Pendek (“short person”) that is rumored to live in the mountainous forests on the island of Sumatra is interesting to hear.

So if you are new to the Bigfoot topic, I recommend this full out, but if you’re like me and already are knee deep into the US version, but know more or less nothing about the wildman from other countries than this also have some very interesting parts.

Pamir Mountains, Central Asia


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