Black Samurai (Action/Martial Arts) 1976 [Movie/Review]


Year: 1976
Genre: Action/Martial Arts
Director: Al Adamson
Source: DVD Rip

Robert Sand, agent of D.R.A.G.O.N. (Defense Reserve Agency Guardian Of Nations), is playing tennis on his vacation with a beautiful black girl, when his commanding officers ask him to save a Chinese girl who happens to be Sand’s girlfriend, and the daughter of a top Eastern Ambassador. The ransom for the abduction was the secret for a terrific new weapon – the freeze bomb – but the ‘Warlock’ behind the deed is also into the business of drug dealing and Voodoo ritual murders. The search takes him from Hong Kong to California through Miami, and plenty of action, against bad men, bad girl, and bad animals

It all starts with an Argentinian Snoop Dog lookalike somewhere in Asia sitting in a car looking like he has no good intentions at all … and we got that right. He and his gang are gonna kidnap a young woman. It gets violent … people are getting shot … without bullet holes … but with red paint inside the shirt :-), cut to introduction and the theme song, where the creator had looked both once and twice on James Bond. And off we go … midget with a shotgun, karate chopping midgets, cowboy midgets in trees, giant stone throwing in the head where the effect only is some blood on the forehead, some occult/satanic ritual, murderous vultures and much much more.

Jim Kelly, looks cool as f**k, although maybe not the best actor in cinema history I just love his fighting style.

So this is extremely entertaining if the thing above sound like something you want in a movie.

For now I can’t find any background information at all for this one, so I will continue to look for it.

I watched this on what I suspect is a rip from the UK version on Revelation Films, and this is unfortunatly the edited TV version which has been cut for language and nudity. I’m really hoping for a deluxe Blu-Ray edition. I know it’s gonna be included in the big 32-disc boxset released by Severin, but I’m hoping for a stand alone release.


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