Shaolin & Wu Tang (Martial Art) 1983 [Movie/Review] + Watch the Movie


Year: 1983
Genre: Martial Arts
Original Title: Shao Lin yu Wu Dang
Source: YouTube

Two friends from rival schools are turned against one another by a jealous chief who wants to eliminate those whose fighting styles may rival his own.

I confess, my knowledge of old kung-fu/martial art movies are limited. I have more or less only seen Bruce Lee and old Jackie Chan ones. I googled for “best Wu Tang movie” and this was the one recommended on the first two hits I looked at.

It took me some minutes to get into it, because of the english dubbing (especially on the females) but after some getting used to I was sold. It’s more or less non-stop action and the classic sound effects everytime someone gets hit.

For being self proclaimed “higher learning” kung fu styles where that usually means a lot of meditation and self restrain they sure have short fuses. If someone says something even slightly “wrong” to any of them, they bring out the fists 🙂

I watched this on YouTube on my 12,9″ iPad, and the only thing I could think about is. Pleeeeeease, can some blu-ray label make a deluxe versions of the Wu Tang Collection so I can watch it on a big screen.


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