In the Wake of Corona …

Ofcourse we have a right to worry right now. When it could be our next door neighbour that have been infected with corona, but I can’t help getting pissed off by all of this. It just bothers me that now people wake up because they think death is around the corner and we see on the news how many have died each day. But every year we have thousands upon thousands who have mental problems and commit suicide, you rarely see the “goal of having a society at all” posts then or that Malaria or HIV is still an extremely common cause of death in third world countries … but then it is not “we”, but them “over there” and we return to watching the latest episode of Simpsons.

A few years ago when the photograph of Alan Kurdi, a dead 3 year old lying on the beach after people fleeing the war in Syria circulated in the media. Then “common people” all of a sudden woke up and was upset. Rightfully so, it was a horrible picture that still haunts me. But my point being that people are constantly fleeing from war and misery. But no one cared before they could see a picture of just that small child, though this happens all the time. We have a lot of refugees here in Sweden and proberly you do to, just ask someone at your job or school about their history and if they can tell you about it. A guy at my job with Kurdish descent told me about his family’s escape through deserts and mountains after attacks by Saddam Hussain, without food and water. How mothers who couldn’t cope anymore had to leave their children along the way.

I do not know why the masses behave like this. The need to put things into “we” and “they”, the need to categorize, fear of the unknown instead of a curiosity to learn something new. I’m Swedish, yes or maybe just a human? Regardless of skin color, geographical origin, gender, sexual orientation, level of education, social status, body shape, etc. etc.

– “Did you see when Sven won the cross country skiing competion yesterday, it was fantastic.”
– “Yeah because you know him?”
– “No but he is Swedish”
– “Okay so you wanted him to win because you speak the same language?”

… I mean, born in Sweden, born in Iraq, born in China. What does it matter? Again, this need to identify yourself. I mean I have more in common with the guy from Chile serving me food at the resturant than I have for Mr. Shinyshoes on Wall Street.

So my point is probably more that I hope when the Corona storm calm down, that people generally “open” themselves and help their fellow man more, instead of acting like a pack of wolves and take everything THEY need. Whether your fellow man comes from New York or Beijing. Maybe skip an episode of “Kardashians” and spend that hour informing yourself from other sources than the evening newspaper or biased news channels or why not write a letter to someone in a power position about what you think. If a lot would do so, we would be the ones with the power. The People!