Mad Foxes (aka Los Violadores) 1981 (Action/Exploitation) [Movie/Review]


Year: 1981
Genre: Exploitation
Director: Paul Grau (as Paul Gray)
Original Title: Los Violadores
Source: YouTube (DVDRip I guess)

Hal Walters (as Robert O’Neal) and his girlfriend are out for a drive and a little fun when they are taunted by a group of bikers. Annoyed by the bikers, Hal causes an accident in which one of the bikers is killed. The bikers then follow them and brutally beat Hal and rape his girlfriend. Soon Hal and the bikers are caught in a bloody war where each takes revenge on the other again and again – each time raising the stakes just a bit more with their super violent retaliation in this CRAZY and extreme cross between the biker and the revenge film.

This is one of the most WTF movies out there from the 1980’s. We get nazi bikers that all looks like inbreed rednecks and probably would be the first ones to go if they would have lived during Nazi Germany times and a lot of nudity with full grown 1970’s grandmother bush 🙂

Spoilers coming up … The first part surrounds Hal Walters (as Robert O’Neal) as he goes out to celebrate his now 18-year old girlfriends birthday with a lot of weird talk about her losing her virginity. This all ends up with a rape scene when they are attacked by some nazi bikers. The rapist humps faster than an Asian man in a porn flick. Like a rabbit on speed 🙂

After this we follow Brians revenge when he engages his karate kicking friends in a payback. If we look at that fighting scene, they all have black belts, but when the fighting starts it looks more like they just had 2 or 3 lessons 🙂 … oh, and we get a forced cut-off penis eating scene 🙂

Skip forward a bit and now we get a man and a woman running around naked on a beach, when Brian arrives in his flashy sports car, she quickly abandons the beach guy and jump into his car. They head for a dinner at his parents house. After dinner they of course need to take a bath in his parents tub, and we get some kind of awkward sex scene…. “Sit on me”… in a tub that looks like they have the western worlds dirtiest water 🙂

Bathing time is over and we then take a walk outdoors with the couple and the next so-called sexscene with severe dryhumping disguist as real penetration 🙂

Now back to the least Aryan nazis ever… we get some naked karate kicking and for some reason these brave nazis cover up the swastikas on their armband when they are in public. Don’t know how but these academical challenged people find his parents’ home and yet again we get some fighting.

Now we’re back to the Brian chasing them around to avenge his mother, and just when things couldn’t get more strange we get some S&M/Bondage scene with a nazi couple, where one of them look like a German 1982’s heavy metal guitarist 🙂

Puuuh, this is a crazy one from start to finish, but what a delight for exploitation fans. Just awesome!

The director Paul Grau has just one more credit as a director “Six Swedes in the Alps” (aka Sechs Schwedinnen auf der Alm) from 1983 to his merits.

It’s a Spanish/Switzerland co-production that had premiered  first of all in West Germany on the 14th of August 1981. It was shot in Spain.

It has been released under a lot of different titles, but my favourite must be the Danish one “Rockerne og discodrengen”, which translates to “The Rocker And The Disco Guy?!?!?!

This is one of the titles featured in the “Section 3 Video Nasties” list in the UK in the early 1980s.. The UK pre-cert video on the VCL label featured the cut cinema print which suffered extensive edits to scenes of rape, castration, graphic stabbings and footage of nunchakus. The Movie Video release from Germany is uncut. The Film Service Holland video is uncut.The Canadian CIC Video was released in two versions. The Ontario version runs 73min, whilst the non-Ontario tape runs 79min.

I watched this on YouTube (DVDRip I guess), and the quality was really, really good. But I would love to see this one on a jam-packed blu-ray with a lot of extra material and documentaries. Pleeeease Grindhouse Releasing or Arrow.

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