Night of the Sorcerers (Horror) [Movie/Review]


Year: 1974
Genre: Horror/Exploitation
Director: Amando de Ossorio
Original Title: La noche de los brujos
Source: DVD Rip.

A team of researchers travel into the African jungle to study the mysterious disappearance of elephants in the area. Instead they discover a tribe of voodoo-zombies who rise from the ground, capture the women, whip them and slice their heads off on an altar. The women return as vampires who look for more women to kill.

This review contains spoilers … you have been warned.

It all starts with an opening scene with tribal people sacrificing a young western girl, when the military come to her aid (too late). It’s apparent that they were not shot at the same time. The tribal part where it’s night time and when the soldiers sneak around the jungle it’s daytime 🙂

This is followed by a looooong sequence of some explorers setting up camp … apparently we have to watch that in details 🙂

25 minutes in and we get a loooooong forced romantic scene with the notorious topless scene and the girl biting the man’s back?!?!

Next up, a girl walks around the jungle by herself (of course) and finds some skeletons which she takes photos of … without a flash … with a nice 1970´s camera … in the middle of the night … I’m sure these pictures will come out great 🙂

Now the sorcerers enter the scene… she ties up the girl onto some trees and then whip her until she’s topless (as you have to). The Sorceress seems to be a vampire so she uses the whipped girl’s neck for some late night snack.

About 52 minutes in we get some weird slow motion dance by the vampires/witches/sorceress throughout the jungle. Something I didn’t know about vampires/witches/sorceress, you apparently also get a puffy 1980’s hairstyle as soon as you’re bitten 🙂

All in all, this movie is great fun entertainment! I will throw it on soon again!

Supposly taking place in the jungle of Africa, but was actually filmed in Aldea del Fresno, Madrid, Spain and for the studio shots, Ballesteros, Spain.

The director, Amando de Ossorio is mainly known for his classic “blind dead” movies.

I watched this on some DVD rip, but the quality was pretty ok. I know Scream Factory released it on Blu-Ray as a double bill, but maybe I’m a wierdo, but I don’t like doubles so I’m hoping for a stand alone Blu-Ray release.

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