So The Corona Virus …

So the Corona virus … If people could try to think for themselves for once, instead of going on what all the “war headlines” in media says.

Let’s look at some facts. To this date (3-8-2020) we have 63830 closed cases. 60230 (94%) has fully recovered, 3600 (6%) are deceased.

If we then look at the age groups. Among the 10-60 year olds vi have 0,4% out of 100% deceased. If we look into all ages, there are only 0,9% deaths of the people getting the virus, that didn’t have any pre-existing medical conditions (comorbidities).

There have also been rumors that the WHO (World Health Organization) have said that 3,4% out of all humans will die of the Corona virus. That’s as suspected not true at all, if you read what they say. They calculate with 3,4% deaths out of all those getting the virus. Big difference!

So maybe people can calm down a bit, instead of as usuall get with the masshysteria program. Think people, educate yourselfs, it’s not that hard!