Primitive Knot … Just discovered this band and I love what I hear! (Industrial)

I’m probably stepping on someones toes right now when I want to call this “Industrial Rock”, it probably belongs to some subgenre I don’t even know exists (but want to discover more of).

I discovered them by “accident”, when I opened up YouTube and someone I subscribed to had uploaded this and it was on my frontpage. I clicked on it, even do I wasn’t in the mood for music right then. But couldn’t shut it down. Loved the industrial filthy apocalyptic feeling of it and went through the whole “Brutalism” tape and then its companion “Bastards of Brutalism”. And since I’m a vinyl freak I’m hoping for release on the black gold soon!

When I tried to research the band I couldn’t find much info … but the latest release was fittingly described with “Listen to both releases for a comprehensive, relentlessly crushing soundtrack to our Ballardian future-now.”

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