Northaunt ”Istid I-II” (Dark Ambient) [Music/Review]


Year: 2015
Genre: Dark (Icy) Ambient
Label: Cyclic Law

From the bands webpage: “Northaunt started in 1996, our aim was and is to create atmospheric, melancholic ambient mixing environmental recordings and minimalistic melodic elements (usually piano or guitar), treated nature sounds, samples and bits of melodies.”

It is released on Cyclic law, a record label founded in Montreal, Canada in 2002 and relocated to Berlin, Germany in 2015. They also consist of Cyclic Press, a publishing house dedicated to releasing books in the fields of photography and visual arts. Cyclic Law mainly releases Dark Ambient, Neo-Classical and Darkwave.

I guess this goes under the Dark Ambient banner, but to be Dark Ambient is about the end times, occultism or just plain darkness. So in my world this goes under Icy Ambient … meaning you get totally other feelings and images in your head. To me this takes me to a small cabin in the winter landscape of northern Europe, Canada or Alaska. Trapped inside with a snowstorm raising hell outdoors.

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