Beyond, The (Horror) [Movie/Review]


Year: 1981
Genre: Horror
Source: Blu-Ray (Grindhouse Releasing)

From legendary Italian horror master Lucio Fulci comes the ultimate classic of supernatural terror. A remote and cursed hotel, built over one of the seven gateways, becomes a yawning malevolent abyss that begins devouring both the bodies and the souls of all who enter in a graphic frenzy of gory crucifictions, chunkblowing chain-whippings, eyeball impalements, sulphuric acid meltdowns, flesh-eating tarantulas, throat-shredding demon dogs and ravenous bloodthirsty zombies. THE BEYOND is a towering achievement in hair-raising, mind-bending cinematic terror!

I get right to it, Lucio Fulci’s ”The Beyond” is my ultimate horror movie, the ”If I could only bring one horror movie to a deserted island” one. I love every second of it. It has the awesome white eyed Emily (Cinzia Monreale), an amazing looking house and it’s weird, creepy, dirty, beautiful and have awesome practical effects (Fulci seems to have a thing for eyeballs). I also love Fulci’s ”City of the Living Dead”, ”House by the Cemetery” and ”New York Ripper” from this era, but ”The Beyond” is even greater than these masterpieces.

My love for ”The Beyond” goes so far that if another horror fan don’t like it, then I have no interest in listening to his opinion about other movies either, since I lost all respect for her/his taste.

Something that annoys me and can take me out of movies is when the blood red colour is all wrong, usually something very light red, but not here, we get a great red colour from the man falling down when painting the building early in the movie. Just beautiful!

The movie surrounds the book Eibon (I even got the symbol tattooed on my body on a trip to Paris, France) and the seven gates to hell, which in my book makes it even greater since I’m a sucker for horror movies with a religious concept. You can read more about the real book of Eibon here!

The wonderful score by Fabio Frizzi, who also was the composer For Fulci’s ”City Of The Living Dead” is truly a masterpiece, atmospheric and fit the movie like hand in glove.

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Even though it has its unintentionally funny moments such as the spider scene, although it is great, but as an owner of several tarantula species I know they wouldn’t act like this in real life, but hey, it’s the movie universe!

Martha, I guess she’s some kind of caretaker of the building walks around with hair that looks like it haven’t been washed since the 1960’s and eyebrows that look like they go down on the side of her nose.

And last, the idiot Dr. John McCabe, who never seems to learn to shoot the zombies in their heads even though they never die when he hits the body, but every time he hits them in the head. 🙂

I watched the Grindhouse Releasing version on Blu-Ray (I also got Arrows Steelbook, but haven’t watched that one yet) and it has a gorgeous picture and sound. I watched it on a 5.1 surround Remix – DTS-HD Master and boy was that amazing, several times I looked around me when the sound came from an unexpected direction.

Even do I have the soundtrack on vinyl, it’s also nice to have it on a CD, and the bonus Blu-Ray is jam packed with extra material as you see down below. You can watch the difference between the versions here at DVDbeaver.

All the extras from Grindhouse Releasings 3-disc set (by DVDCompare):

* The Film 
Audio Commentary with stars Catriona MacColl and David Warbeck 
Introduction by actress Catriona MacColl (in English) (0:58) 
Color Pre-Credit Sequence 
– German Version (in German without subtitles) (8:24) 
– English Version (in English) (8:24) 
– International Trailer (in English) (3:28) (1080p) 
– German Trailer (in German, without subtitles) (3:23) 
– U.S. Trailer (in English) (3:05) 
– U.S. Re-release Trailer (in English) (1:25) 
– U.S. TV Spots (in English) (1:07) 
– U.S. Re-release Radio Spot (in English) (0:57) (1080p) 

– “Looking Back: The Creation of The Beyond” documentary (in Italian, with FORCED English subtitles) (47:54) (1080p) 
– “The New Orleans Connection: Larry Ray” interview with actor Larry Ray (in English) (44:33) (1080p) 
– “Beyond and Back: Catriona MacColl” interview with actress Catriona MacColl (in English) (34:05) (1080p) 
– “See Emily Play: Cinzia Monreale” interview with actress Cinzia Monreale (in English) (21:57) (1080p) 
– “Making it Real: Giannetto DeRossi and Maurizio Trani” interview with make-up artist Giannetto DeRossi and special effects artist Maurizio Trani (in Italian, with FORCED English subtitles) (33:29) (1080p) 
– Lucio Fulci Interview August 1988 – Part I (in Italian, with FORCED English subtitles) (20:05) 
– Lucio Fulci Interview August 1988 – Part II (in Italian, with FORCED English subtitles) (13:04) 
– “Eurofest ’94: Lucio Fulci and David Warbeck” after screening Q&A session with director Lucio Fulci and actor David Warbeck (in English and Italian with FORCED English subtitles for Italian dialogue) (46:04) 
– “Eurofest ’96: Catriona MacColl and David Warbeck” interview with stars Catriona MacColl and David Warbeck (in English) (5:24) 
– “1996 Festival of Fantastic Films: Catriona MacColl” interview with actress Catriona MacColl (in English) (12:16) 
– “1996 Festival of Fantastic Films – David Warbeck” interview with actor David Warbeck (in English) (21:06) 
– “Beyond Italy: U.S. Distributor Terry Levene” interview with distributor Terry Levene (in English) (19:05) (1080p) 
Still Galleries: 
– Production Stills 
– Behind the Scenes 
– Promotional Materials: 
— Italy 
— Germany 
— France 
— U.S. 
— Various 
– Beyond the Beyond 
Grindhouse Releasing Previews: 
– Cat In The Brain 
– Cannibal Holocaust 
– Cannibal Ferox 
– Massacre Mafia Style 
– Gone With Pope 
– Pieces 
– Corruption 
– The Swimmer 
– The Big Gundown 
– An American Hippie in Israel 
– Scum Of The Earth 
– The Tough Ones 
– Ice House 
– I Drink Your Blood 

DISC THREE (Soundtrack CD)

Subtitles: English
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Picture Format: 1080p 24fps AVC MPEG-4
English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 
English DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Mono 
English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono 
Italian Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono

Case type: Keep Case with slipcase.
Notes: Comes with a 10-page booklet

“A full-throttled supernatural splatter classic. A perfect 10!” — The Conoisseur’s Guide to Contemporary Horror Films

“A towering masterpiece… one of the most compelling, audacious and hyper-gory zombie films of all times. THE BEYOND rocks pure and simple.” — Chas. Balun, GOREZONE

“Lucio Fulci’s masterpiece. The screen’s scariest zombie movie ever! ” — Tony Timpone, FANGORIA

“THE BEYOND does not disappoint.” — Roger Ebert, THE CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

“Unrelenting excitement… a truly original haunted house thriller.” — Tobe Hooper, director of THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE

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Eibon press have even made comic books based on the movie



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