Dark Ages ”Twilight of Europe” (Dark Ambient) [Music/Review]


Year: 2005
Genre: Dark Ambient
Label: Supernal Music

Dark Ages is a dark ambient project by Roman Saenko from Ukraine, main member of black metal bands Drudkh and Hate Forest.

”Twilight of Europe” is the first full-length album from 2005. They have released four albums to this date, with the last one in 2013.

I love really good Dark Ambient music, but it’s hard to find the perfect one to ”soundtrack” my mood or the feeling I’m after. Out of listening to 30-40 albums I might find one. I’m usually after more or less rumbling darkness/thunder that have an occult satanic/demonic feeling like Lustmord’s masterpiece ”The Monstrous Soul” from 1992. Sometimes I’m in the mood for an apocalyptic feeling, that sets you in a doomsday mode, like moderna society collapse. Also ”icy ambient” that makes you feel like you’re stuck somewhere in stormy winter weather like Northhaunt’s ”Istid I-II” from 2015.

”Twilight of Europe” lands somewhere in between, I get that apocalyptic feel but with a religious touch. An image in my head of a small village ravaged by the black plague and priests going from town to town condemning people for their sins, the burning of witches all surrounded by gothic buildings, poverty and despair. This period in history was called the dark ages for a reason. It was truly sinister.

Van Records vinyl re-release from 2016, with in my opinion a nicer cover art.

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