Talulah Gosh ” Was It Just A Dream” (Twee Pop/Indie) [Music/Review]


Year: 2013 (Released) 1986-88 (Recorded)
Genre: Twee Pop/Indie Pop
Label: Damaged Goods

Talulah Gosh were a indie-pop group from Oxford and one of the leading bands of the twee pop movement/C86, taking their name from the headline of an NME interview with Clare Grogan. Twee pop (another subgenre I need to dig deeper into) originates from the 1986 NME compilation C86. Characterised by its simplicity and perceived innocence, some of its defining features are boy-girl harmonies and catchy melodies. For many years, prominent independent record labels associated with twee pop were Sarah Records (in the UK) and K Records (in the US).

They formed when Amelia Fletcher and Elizabeth Price, both wearing Pastels badges, met at a club in Oxford. Formed in 1986, their original line-up comprised Amelia Fletcher (vocals, guitar), her younger brother Mathew Fletcher (drums), Peter Momtchiloff (lead guitar), Rob Pursey (bass) and Elizabeth Price (vocals). Rob left early on, to be replaced by Chris Scott. Elizabeth left in 1987 to be replaced by Eithne Farry. They called it a day in late 1988 with Amelia, Matthew and Peter reappearing soon after as ‘Heavenly’.

In 1986 they recorded a demotape, and after that came a steady stream of 7” released on the Scottish label 53rd & 3rd. This 2-LP compilation was released in 2013 on Damage Goods and include all known Talulah Gosh tracks plus radio sessions. 

The opening tracks “Beatnik Boy” and “My Best Friend” are just amazing pop songs, and after that the party just keeps going. You will have a big smile all over your face and it’s hard to sit still. This should be the template of how soft pop should be made. Fantastic stuff, with stand-out tracks like “Beatnik Boy”, “My Best Friend”, “Don’t Go Away” and “Testcard Girl”.

There are few tracks that’s not absolute top stuff, like “Just a dream” and “Escalator Over The Hill” but still really good.