Ramones “Rocket to Russia” (Punk Rock) [Music/Review]


Year: 1977
Genre: Punk Rock
Label: Sire Records

Ramones came from Forest Hills – a neighborhood of Queens, New York City is one of these bands that gets a pass in my maybe narrow view of what I want Punk/Hardcore to be. I like the bands to be political, a voice of trying to change things in society. An uncomfortable closed fist in the faces of those making laws and in position of power. Ramones are more of a yes, we’re misfits, but we’re going to have a fuckin great time being that.

This, the bands 3rd album and is to me this is as good as the debut album. Jam packed with classics such as “Cretin Hop” ” Sheena Is A Punk Rocker”, “Rockaway Beach”, “Teen Age Lobotomy” and the side B closer “We’re A Happy Family” that is on my all-time Top 10 of Ramones songs, and is probably as close as they got to be political in a social commentary way. Even tracks like “Ramona” is great, I mean I wouldn’t put that one on a 60 minute mixtape but it’s still a great song.

Then we have the cover of The Trashmens “Surfin Bird”, a song I have a special connection since it was the first one I remember my dad played on a 7″ at home and one of the reasons that it made me (abnormally) interested in music. I think Ramones makes it really justice here.

Ramones got absolutely no radio play back in the day, the cover “Do You Wanna Dance” was a tempt to change that, but still no. It’s kind of mind-blowing that they never got radio play since it’s hard to find Punk music as radio friendly as this with it’s 1960’s singing style and kind of “nice” lyrics. The hype for Ramones got big at first in the late 1990’s when at the time big acts started to name drop them. So in that sense they never made it, they still drove around in Vans to the gigs to the end.

Today the douchebag Johnny Ramone, conservative, beater of women, christian, racist and dating his supposed to be friend Joey Ramones girlfriend behind his back for several years, kind of puts a real bad taste in my mouth. And kind of want me to piss on his grave instead of worshiping his musical legacy.

He was a supporter of the Republican Party. He made his political affiliation known to the world in 2002 when the Ramones were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. After thanking all who made the honor possible, he said “God bless President Bush, and God bless America”. He also said in an interview, when questioned on his conservatism, “I think Ronald Reagan was the best President of my lifetime.” … that kind of makes me wanna throw up. Reagan a president that more or less “killed the poor” with his politics and war criminal Bush.

A1Cretin Hop1:55
A2Rockaway Beach2:06
A3Here Today, Gone Tomorrow2:47
A4Locket Love2:09
A5I Don’t Care1:38
A6Sheena Is A Punk Rocker2:49
A7We’re A Happy Family2:47
B1Teen Age Lobotomy2:00
B2Do You Wanna Dance (Cover)1:52
B3I Wanna Be Well2:28
B4I Can’t Give You Anything1:57
B6Surfin’ Bird (Cover)2:37
B7Why Is It Always This Way2:32

In 2017 Rhino Records released a 40th Anniversary box with 3 CD + 1 Vinyl including: Remastered Original Mixes, 40th Anniversary Tracking Mix, Mediasound/Power Station Rough Mixes, 40th Anniversary Extras, Live At Apollo Centre, Glasgow, Scotland (12/19/77). I usually don’t buy these boxes when the focus is on CDs. But since it’s a favourite album I did it this time. I want these kind of boxes on vinyl and a DVD/Blu-Ray of a liveshow, then I’m in for a pre-order.


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