Screamcast (Horror/Cult Movies) [Podcast/Review]


Topic: Horror/Cult/Exploitation Movies
Since When: About 165 episodes to this date.
Length: Usually around 100-120 minutes.
Links to the show: Website, Twitter, Apple Podcaster, Spotify

Sean Duregger
Brad Henderson
Stephanie Crawford

Together with Hysteria Continues and Grindbin, this is my favourite movie podcast right now, and have been so since I discovered them around episode #60.

Sean “The Nice One” Duregger and Brad “My Movie Good” Henderson started the podcast together and they have had other co hosts like Brian Saur, or great guests such as Robert Hunter. They usually discuss horror movies, but sometimes goes into cult movie territory. For example they have had a few episodes only discussing the blaxploitation genre. The two of them are a great match, and their bantering always makes me laugh. Brad Hendersen has an amazing knowledge of cult movies, and I could sit for hours just listening to him talking about them.

The show setup is usually they start with what I love, the “at your doorsteep” part of the show where the hosts go through what they have seen lately. You will always get information of something interesting that I have to search for in this part!, Then we have a segment with some blu-ray release news with the always enthustiatic Josh Obershaw. And they close with the mainpart which usually is diving deeper into 1 or 2 movies.

As I said, I loved the podcast from the start and most guesthosts have been good, but I noticed during a period when they had B.J. Colangelo as a third host that I stopped listen to the show. She rubbed me the wrong way and I think the reason was that she had a tendense to call people more or less “idiots” if they had a different opinion than she has, now I don’t know her age, but that felt like an insecure 15 year olds way to deal with other peoples opinions.

Nowdays they have the wonderful Stephanie Crawford as a third host and she’s awesome. Gives good desciptions of what she like/don’t like about a movie and she’s also a buyer of physical media, which is always a big plus in my book. And Stephanie as with both Sean and Brad they like what they like, and don’t give a f**k if it’s “the right thing” to like or not. Always love that.

Another plus is that they usually have great shownotes, where you can read what movies they have discussed so you don’t have to write it down when you listen to the show.

Unfortunatly they have only released like 5 episodes so far this year, and as to why, I understand it that Sean doesn’t have much free time on his hands for the moment since he started to narrete audiobooks. I hope they will start to release more episodes soon.

On of the great quotes from them: “
I think IFC films secretly hate movies! Before Scream Factory stepped it they only released DVD’s and first after that Blu-rays, but as barebones as possible.” 😂😂😂