Retro Movie Love (Movies) [Podcast/Review]


Topic: Retro Movies
Since When: About 60 episodes to this date.
Length: Usually around 140-240 minutes.
Links: Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Apple Podcaster

I got knowledge of this podcast after the host made an apperence on the awesome podcast, Hysteria Continues.

Meep is the host of this podcast, and he is a very nice and warm host with a passion for 1980’s movies. And I really like people who’s not pretentious and can have a teen comedy on top of his best list and don’t feel the need to have something ”Oscars” there. When he’s joined by Jon Donahue it’s where it shines. Funny comments back and forth and both really passioned about movies. With that said, when they go through their top 10 lists, you don’t really learn anything directly new. If you have any knowledge of the 1980’s you know more or less anything about this big movies. The only one I came across so far is when they go through independent movies, that’s when it get interesting.

Unfortunatly, some episodes are unlistenable, like when he has his friend Jeffrey joining him. Try to listen to Episode 53: 1979 Movie Favourites, he has absolutly nothing to say and I couldn’t even finish the episode.

+ The best episode I have listen to is Episode 54: Independent films of the 80’s.

– Soundquality could be better from most of the quests.

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